Fueloyal: Attendee Of The Great American Trucking Show 2017 (GATS)

The Great American Trucking Show is the event that brings together the people contributing to the U.S. trucking industry, starting from the truck drivers, trucking companies up to owner-operators.

More precisely, The Great American Trucking Show is an encompassing convention of trucking professionals. This year there were more than 500 exibitors representing: truck, trailer, engine, component, as well as parts manufacturers.

As we all know, Fueloyal is a company that has idea of making the transportation industry better and more efficient. In such manner, Fueloyal was thrilled to be attendee of The Great American Trucking Show in Dallas, Texas, August 24-26th.

During this interactive convention geared towards the trucking community, Fueloyal exhibited and presented their newest trucking industry innovations: the Fueloyal Truck GPS Device and the Fueloyal Trailer GPS Device.

In addition to that, Fueloyal exhibited as well their patented smart fuel cap that uses data & analytics to solve the problem of company overspending on fuel, fuel theft, and company fuel card misuse.



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