12 Cool Ideas How To Incentivize Company Truck Drivers

12 Cool Ideas How To Incentivize Company Truck Drivers

When you incentivize company truck drivers you are making sure they stay around. Incentives are good, especially when you working hard. I don’t know a person on this earth that would not appreciate an acknowledgment for their hard work.

I mean hey, there are always a few black sheep here and there, but you get my point. Most people will feel special after an incentive, and that’s the way it ought to be! Especially, when we are speaking about today’s truck drivers.

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I don’t want to sound like I am taking sides or prioritizing one type of occupation over another. However, when we are speaking about truck drivers I will hold no debate there.

But only to say they are not an important niche in the whole logistics of the trucking industry, but they are the crucial one!

That is why I believe you should always try to incentivize company truck drivers. There are many ways how you can do that, but for starters it’s important to know that there is a way and you should do it!

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Now, in the industry there are already many events that honor truck drivers, with one of them being the ‘truck drivers’ award. Furthermore there is the truck driver appreciation week.  So you are already familiar with my point here!

Why You Should Incentivize Company Truck Drivers?

When you incentivize company truck drivers, it’s something similar like giving them an award, or prize for their hard work and dedication. You honor the achievements of truck drivers and reward them for their amazing work.

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Every trucking company should try to find the way to incentivize company truck drivers as well as the rest of their employees.

After all hitting the endless roads as a lifestyle is not the easiest job on earth, and not everyone is cutout for doing it!  As a matter of fact, the life of a truck driver is not easy at all!

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Again, that is why I believe that every owner of a trucking business should think of ways to incentivize company truck drivers.

Even though for some people trucking is the dream come true job! Yet we can’t go further without recognizing the fact that as much as trucking is adventurous that much more is a risky profession that requires dedication and care.

When you are out on the road you are not only responsible for yourself and need to protect your freight, you are responsible for the rest of the participants in the traffic.

Positive attitude and hard work need to be rewarded.

Moreover the concept of rewarding someone for loyalty and good behavior always leads to positive results. So, if you find a way to incentivize company truck drivers, you will benefit too!

When You Incentivize Company Truck Drivers, What’s There For You?

I recently read in the Huffington Post, that trucking is one of the most dangerous jobs. Still, there are so many truck drivers out there. What do you think, why are there so many of them?

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Well, I believe that people are trying to turn into a better version of themselves. In this industry there are so many opportunities for veterans and all kind of job openings! There are so many companies that hire felons! Even felons get a second chance!

The trucking salary is not bad either, but when you incentivize company truck drivers, you give them encouragement to do more.

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By recognizing truck drivers’ good behavior and by recognizing their effort on some of the most dangerous roads, you are not just finding the way to incentivize company truck drivers; you are finding the way to bring the best out of them!

And that by itself will benefit you and your company as well. They will want to stay and work with/for you, because after all who will run away from goodies?

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“Sharing is caring” so when you incentivize company truck drivers, you are telling them that you care! And that right there my friend, it’s more than enough! It’s a motivation to do the best they can!

Speaking of motivation, everyone needs to be encouraged. A tap on the shoulder sometimes can mean the world to someone. It means, “I knew you could” or “Good job”.

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And they will! All you need to do is give them the reason to do it! When you incentivize company truck drivers, you give them the reason to believe they can do it.


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This way you are creating a win-win scenario. If driver is happy, he will make customers happy and if they are happy, you are happy! So this is: What’s there for you answer!

How to Incentivize Company Truck Drivers?

There are a million and one ways to incentivize company truck drivers, but here in this article I will stick to the most important ones.

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So here without further delay, I will present you 12 cool ideas how to incentivize company truck drivers! Hope you like it and find it useful!

1. Prepare a Reward Catalog and Let Them Choose From

If you want to incentivize company truck drivers one way of doing it is by preparing a reward catalog and let them choose from!

Rewards for employees are an essential component of an effective engagement strategy. It’s important to make sure that when you decide to incentivize company truck drivers, make sure that the rewards are things your team truly values!

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The reward catalog does not have to be large or costly! Creativity, not cost, is the real key to building a great reward catalog that everyone will be excited to choose something from. In many cases, small rewards are equally effective because they can be given more frequently.



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