Trucks and Fashion

10 Badass Trucks and Truckers Fashion Secrets

Constantly we are bombarded with reminders about rules. Add to the fact that the trucking world changes, as with so many things.

Most common changes people think about are the job related (regulations, legal requirements and other such obligations).

With so many serious things to consider today we thought it would be fun to look at another issue… style. They say, “Clothes make the person”.

And it is true, no matter what profession you’re in, you still need to look good.

That doesn’t mean wearing a three-piece Armani suit while driving down the road. But is does mean to be clean and presentable.

First impressions are largely visual, meaning people will make an opinion about you based on what they see first.

Often people can be wrong. But many times they are not.

And, there is a big difference between being dirty because you just had to make a few adjustments to your load and being messy because you don’t care.

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Some companies may have basic requirements while others really have no set standard. Of course some companies have actual set uniform requirements.



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