Best Types of Freight for Rookie Truck Drivers


Rookie truck drivers often have a hard time getting the good runs. This can be for a couple of reasons. The most obvious is that the best runs will go to the senior and/or the most experienced truck drivers. This is true no matter the industry.


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Now we all know the amount of time one has in doing something isn’t always a fair gauge into how capable a person is. But it stands to reason that if someone who has been driving 500,000 miles will most likely be more proficient than someone who has just completed a truck driving school.

So what can you do to get the coveted better routes? Well there are several things you can do:

  • Bide your time as you work your way up the seniority ladder;
  • Start with a newer or smaller trucking company;
  • Prove yourself to be reliable and dependable;
  • Maintain a good driving records and good safety rating. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) maintains several websites that provide easy access to safety-related information, so check their sites for some valuable information regarding your driving and safety ratings).

Those are only a few ideas, I am sure you have suggestion that might be better. But the one thing you should not do is just sit around and complain. That won’t get you very far, unless of course your grievous is legitimate.

A valid gripe might be you and three other drivers were all hired at the same time but you haven’t had a weekend home in four months while they get every weekend off. But even so, you need to address the issue the right way.



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