10 Best Free Truck Driving Schools

10 Best Free Truck Driving Schools

Do you have to actually attend an official truck driving school? No, but if you want to get a real job in the trucking industry one needs to have formal training. Rarely do companies hire someone who has neither experience nor proper training.

Just like any career field, truck drivers must get training and be licensed. This can cost and add up quick, depending on the program you choose. Most trucking schools are for several weeks to even months. But there are options and ways around the high upfront cost. Do I mean free?

Well, as everyone knows, “there‘s no such thing as a free lunch”. However, there are options for getting paid training. And yes, this is offered by legitimately recognized truck driving programs, training schools and/or companies. Keep in mind, learning to be a truck driver and earning your CDL is not the same thing.

10 Best Free Truck Driving Schools 1Source: www.swtdtblog.blogspot.com

Simply put, it does take time and practice to be able to handle a large truck properly. Just because you can drive a standard or you’re really good at backing your boat to the dock doesn’t guarantee you will make a great truck driver.



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