10 Best Free Truck Driving Schools

10 Best Free Truck Driving Schools

4. Roehl Transport: Has been in business since 1962, they are based out of Marshfield Wisconsin.

5. Knight Transportation: Has grown since it was established in 1988, they are based out of Phoenix Arizona.

6. USA Truck: Primarily a dry freight trucking company, they are based out of Van Buren Arkansas.

7. C. R. England: One of America’s largest refrigerated trucking companies; they are based out of Salt Lake City Utah.

10 Best Free Truck Driving Schools 7Source: www.glassdoor.com

8. Driver Solutions: A recruiting company that pairs new drivers with entry-level jobs; they are based out of Indianapolis Indiana.

9. Midwest Coast Transport (MCT): Was founded in 1949, they are based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

10. Stevens Driving Academy of Texas: Has been providing training since 1992, they are based out of Dallas Texas.

This of course is neither a complete list nor an endorsement of the schools listed. Always check reviews, the Better Business Bureau (BBB), perhaps even from former students/employees before selecting a school.

This is a great industry to be a part and the schools are actually fun!

How To Get In…

This is really the easiest part. After you have thoroughly researched the school of choice and reviewed all your options it is time to decide. Applying is simple. Go to the school’s website and click the button apply.

But there are other ways, unlike most companies when you are job hunting, the schools welcome phone calls, or even encourage an in person visit.

10 Best Free Truck Driving Schools 8Source: www.youtube.com

Typically the general application isn’t too hard or too long, depending on the school. They will follow-up with a phone call and/or an email.

The email generally has several forms that must be filled out along with some required attachments. You fill all this out and send it back. They review it and then you can decide on a class date.


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What Are the Requirements?

I did mention some attachments and such. Well, as a famous person once said, “there is always free cheese in mouse trap”, but if you are clean you have nothing to worry about.

They will do a background check on you, typically this includes a criminal, credit, and your driving record. They will also check your employment history, and references, as appropriate.

10 Best Free Truck Driving Schools 9Source: www.truckdrivingschoolsinillinois.com

Though most don’t have higher education requirements, you must have a high school diploma or GED. As for a criminal history, if you have a felony conviction (in the last 7 years) most won’t take you.

If you have a poor driving record such as DUI/DWI or other serious offenses they won’t risk letting you attend. As for employment, it really depends on your circumstance, be honest.

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There are other considerations as well such as the medical fitness test. All drivers must meet the physical requirements as determined by the Department of Transportation (DOT). Don’t worry, this isn’t nearly as scary as it might sound, but they still require you to be examined and pass.


Truck driving career can be rewarding and exciting. But it isn’t for everyone. You must be prepared to be away from home for extended periods of time. You must be comfortable with following both, company and government procedures and all legal issues, rules and regulations that come with it. You need to have good time management skills and patience is also very beneficial.

If you do choose a school, regardless if tuition is out of your pocket or not, be prepared to cover all related cost. Typically this includes all transportation, lodging, meals, and other non-class/training related expenses. Also be prepared, even though it is a driving school you still need to study and pass written exams as well as driving tests.

So now that you have learned the 101 lesson on all that is taking to becoming a truck driver, it’s time to take the chances! You should know that this career except bringing money on the table can be a big fun too! There are numerous of events related to this industry almost each time of the year, all around our great country.

How did you get your CDL, if you already have one? What is some advice you would give to someone who is seeking this as a career choice? What route, for obtaining a CDL, would you recommend?



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