10 Best International Truck Dealers In USA


Having a fleet comprised of only the best Class 8 trucks is what every trucking company aims for; therefore when a trucking company is in search for new trucks what comes across their mind first are the largest truck manufacturers in the world.

Well, speaking of the largest truck manufacturers that are producing one of the most durable, top quality and unique trucks, I must use this chance and pose you the following question- What do you think, which one of the top truck manufacturers are trucking companies in USA choosing lately?

For the ones that do not know the answer yet, it is International. I believe that it did cross your mind, because International trucks have been proven as one of the most durable trucks that are allowing more on-the-road time to truck drivers; straight proportionally to that International trucks by providing more on-the-road-time are allowing truck drivers to put more money in their pockets.

Henceforth, I have chosen to present to you in this article the 10 best International truck dealers in USA.

Let’s take a look!

1. International

International has begun its truck manufacturing process in 1902, and since then this truck manufacturer has achieved to become a leading manufacturer of:

  • Medium duty;
  • Heavy-duty trucks;
  • Severe-service trucks;

So, besides being a leader truck manufacturer, at the same time International is the best of all truck dealers, which is logical, because in the end, all dealerships are getting the International truck franchise from them.

Source: www.pinterest.com
Source: www.pinterest.com

Nowadays International has expanded their network of dealers up to 1.000 dealerships all across USA, Canada, Brazil, as well as in Mexico. This speaks volumes about the quality and durability of their International trucks.

Having a motto “to get only the best out of their trucks” has led the manufacturers, and leaders of International to get a closer look into truck drivers’ lifestyles, and by that they have understood more precisely what truck drivers’ needs are.

However, it is obvious why more and more nationwide trucking companies tend to enlarge their fleet by buying International trucks; these trucks keep truck drivers on the road without any down-time, which allows them to perform day-in and day-out.

2. Rush Truck Centers

Rush Truck Centers are considered to be the largest nationwide dealers for International and Peterbilt trucks. This International truck dealer has inventory all across the country, which comprises more than thousands of new trucks.

The employees of Rush Truck have the needed knowledge and expertise; thereupon they can help you with everything you might have the need of.

More specifically, Rush Truck Centers have specialized in Class 8 heavy duty trucks; they have wide range of trucks in stock, starting from traditional trucks, up to aerodynamic trucks.

Moreover, this dealership has a good relationship with the original equipment manufacturers that is to say with OEMs; thereon if you are in need of any kind of help they will be able to meet your way.

Source: www.rushtruckcenters.com
Source: www.rushtruckcenters.com

What makes Rush Truck Center to be ranked as one of the 10 best International truck dealers in USA is their complete lineup of trucks that they are offering. All in all this truck dealer offers:

  • Class 4-8 Trucks;
  • Over-the road Trucks;
  • Medium-Duty Trucks;
  • Service Trucks;

Furthermore, Rush Truck Center can offer you and provide you trucking solutions that can meet your needs, and by that they can help you improve your business. Simply said Rush Truck Center will help you in the process of running your trucking business at its best.

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In addition, all the vehicles that this International truck dealer is providing are running on natural gas. In fact Rush Truck Centers have consultants whose specialty is the alternative fuel.

Besides International, this dealer is selling as well:

  • Peterbilt;
  • Ford;
  • Isuzu;

Not to forget, besides offering you the best of the best trucks, Rush Truck are ready to maintain, as well as to repair the vehicles in their facilities.

Source: www.rushtruckcenters.com
Source: www.rushtruckcenters.com

One of the best International trucks that they are selling is the International ProStar.

This International model is characterized by its design and its ability to performing long load transportations.

Therefore, the International ProStar can do transportation of both liquid and dry bulk hauling.

3. Sun State

Being among the 10 best international truck dealers in USA, Sun State International is authorized franchise of International Trucks. This dealer is mainly selling its trucks in the areas of:

  • Florida;
  • Tampa;
  • Petersburg;
  • Lakeland;
  • Orlando;
  • Sarasota;
Source: www.academyprep.org
Source: www.academyprep.org

Moreover, Sun State International is mostly selling medium duty trucks, and heavy duty trucks, from the following lead manufacturers: International Trucks and Capacity Trucks.

What brought Sun State International at the third place among the best international truck dealers in USA is their leaders’ awareness of all the pros and cons that the trucking industry brings.

Source: www.sunstateintl.com
Source: www.sunstateintl.com

Henceforth, if you are considering to enlarge your fleet by adding one or more heavy-duty International trucks, then you should take into consideration Sun State International.

What makes Sun State better than the other International truck dealers in Florida and in the area where they are selling their trucks, is the fact that they are allowing to its clients to buy truck with a minimum down payment and credit.

So, don’t you worry about the financial part, just get in touch with this dealer and see your new International truck rolling on the highways soon!

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Not only that Sun State International are selling International trucks, but they are also working with CapacityIC BusInternationalFontaineHyundai Translead or Used Equipment.

With Sun State you will have everything that your trucking business has the need of!

All in all, this International truck dealer knows what flexibility is, they can understand and meet the needs of all customers, without an exception. These are the main reasons of what actually has brought success to Sun State International.

4. Carolina International Trucks

Carolina International Trucks was incorporated back in 1993; it is one of the oldest and one of the best International truck dealers in USA.

As one of the best International truck dealers they are offering the ultimate quality Class 8 trucks, altogether with a full service and support that the trucking company might have the need of.

Carolina International Trucks work with:

  • International Trucks;
  • IC Buses;
  • Mitsubishi Fuso;

Thereupon, if you are located in South Carolina, and you are looking to buy International Trucks, or you are looking to service your International truck, then you can get in touch with Carolina International Trucks.

This dealer has 6 locations all across South Carolina, more precisely in Columbia, Charleston, Florence, Greenville, Greer, and Gaffney.

Source: www.carolinainternational.jobs.net
Source: www.carolinainternational.jobs.net

When it comes to the sales team that Carolina International Trucks have chosen, we can notice that each one of them is experienced, and knows how to interact and meet the needs of their customers.

To put it another way, their sales team can fit any kind or requirement and application.

Yet, Carolina International Trucks have remained to be one of the leading International truck dealers for more than 2 decades!

Their employees have dedicated all of their work and time to be able to provide quality services in the Southeast.

Source: www.ScribbleArtWorkshop.com
Source: www.ScribbleArtWorkshop.com

Carolina International Trucks has domination of all phases of their business and a clear goal that leads their dealership into a more integrated one.

5. Westrux

Westrux can also be placed in the category of International truck dealer leaders. It is that kind of a dealership that aims for a constant development, integration, as well as expansion in the trucking industry.

Hence, Westrux have deserved their place among the best dealers thanks to their commitment, both to providing exceptional services to their loyal customers and to each employee; because their employees are their biggest asset.

Source: www.westrux.com
Source: www.westrux.com

The leaders of Westrux are working in the direction of showing and giving encouragement to their employees, so that they can give their best at what they do.

And to be sincere with you, these leaders are doing it in a good way, by rewarding and promoting their most loyal employees, or better said they are using the win-win strategy.

Source: www.westrux.com
Source: www.westrux.com

Moreover, their dedication has let them remain in this business for more than 30 years.

If you ask their customers about the work of Westrux International you will only get only the best responses that are so because they are treating their customers as family members.

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So, if you are looking to get an International truck for your fleet, you can take Westrux International into consideration without any hesitation.

6. Hill International Trucks LLC

Hill International Trucks has been incorporated in Ohio back in 1897 by the name of “International Harvester”. Since then this International truck dealer has become one of the leading in that region. Nowadays Hill International Trucks has locations in:

  • Ohio;
  • Pennsylvania;
  • West Virginia;

Entering in the trucking business as a farm equipment dealer, was not easy at all for Hill International trucks, but they have been persistent and dedicated, which led them into becoming one of the best International truck dealers in USA.

This truck dealer is not only selling trucks, but also they are selling new equipment that comes under the International truck franchise. 

What’s new in Hill International business is their MAC Trailer franchise, so they are no longer offering only International trucks.

Source: www.linkedin.com
Source: www.linkedin.com

The customers of Hill International can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Buy the best quality International trucks;
  • Get preventative truck maintenance;
  • Get emergency breakdown service ;
Source: www.jhangtv.com
Source: www.jhangtv.com

Well, speaking of Hill International’s history and work, I must mention that they are holding the International Truck Franchise since 1939; few years later they have dropped off their farm equipment lines.

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Yet, one more important fact for this International truck dealer since 1997 is in partnership with Idealease; Idealease in general are offering Navistar truck rental and leasing operations.

7. East Coast International

If you are in search for full service International trucks, then you should take East Coast International into consideration.

East Coast International is one of the leading International truck dealers in USA. Still this dealership also has Cummins Certified Engine franchise. They are also servicing the following type of trucks:

Source: www.eastcoastint.com
Source: www.eastcoastint.com

Furthermore you can see just a part of the International trucks that East Coast are offering:

Source: www.eastcoastint.com
Source: www.eastcoastint.com

Besides selling one of the most durable trucks that can be found nowadays on the market, East Coast is also offering maintenance leasing, dedicated maintenance solutions, as well as daily rentals.

As industry expert and leaders of transitioning business East Coast International is able to help you keep your business running smoothly.

8. Bucks Country International

Bucks Country International by offering fabulous new and well-preserved used trucks has become ranked as 8th best international truck dealers in USA. This dealership has on-going and dedicated customer service.

Becoming one stop facility is the main focus of this truck dealership. In order to achieve that goal Bucks Country International started selling:

  • Different kinds of medium duty and heavy duty commercial trucks;
  • Dump Trucks;
  • Van bodies;
  • Stake Bodies;
  • Used International trucks;
  • International truck parts;
  • Cummins;
  • Fleetrite;
  • Eaton,
  • Gunite;
  • Pana-Pacific;
  • Accuride & Grote;
Source: www.buckscountyinternational.com
Source: www.buckscountyinternational.com

Although Bucks Country International is located in Langhorne, Pennsylvania, they are providing their services in the region of Trenton, Mercer Country, lower bucks, and part of NJ.

So, if you are located in these areas and you are looking forward to buy International truck or to use some of the services that I have mentioned before, know that you can always count on Bucks Country international.

When we are speaking about the success that Bucks Country International has achieved so far, we must not forget to mention the contributors, that is to say their team which is comprised of:

  • Professional sales members;
  • Finance experts;
  • Service technicians;
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Yet, Bucks Country International besides selling one of the best trucks can also take pride at providing the ultimate maintenance for:

  • Dump Trucks;
  • Medium Duty trucks;
  • Van Bodies;
  • Cab and Chassis;

To enumerate, I highly recommend you to take into consideration Bucks Country International if you are looking.

9. Woodpecker Truck And Equipment Inc.

Woodpecker Truck and Equipment Inc. is part of the trucking industry for more than 50 years. During these 50 years this International truck dealer has been and has remained providing full service heavy duty trucks and trailers.

Source: www.woodpeckertruck.com
Source: www.woodpeckertruck.com

In fact, Woodpecker is a representative of International trucks, Wilson grain trailers, CTS belly dumps.  Besides being an authorized seller of International trucks, this leader truck dealer is also authorized vendors of:

  • Caterpillar;
  • Jacobs;
  • Eaton;
  • Fuller;
  • Allison;
  • Dana;
  • Spicer;
  • Meritor;
  • Hendrickson;
  • Chalmers;

Henceforth, this dealer is as well offering certified truck parts, towing and wrecker service, paint and body shop.

Woodpecker is also a company that is dedicated to its customers, a company that tends to achieve the ultimate customer and employee satisfaction on a daily basis.

So, definitely it represents a good choice for your International truck needs.

10. Selking International

Selking International was incorporated by Reinhard Selking. In fact Reinhard has entered in the dealership business in 1940 by joining the International Harvester company.

At his very beginnings Reinhard has been performing a set-up and delivery of farm equipment.

The very official beginnings of Selking International were back in 1965 as full lease and rental operational company. Since then this company is delivering only positive incomes, both from the view of the people that are working in Selking International and from its customers.

Source: www.woodpeckertruck.com
Source: www.woodpeckertruck.com

So far Selking International has opened dealerships in:

  • Richmond, In ;
  • South Bend, In;
  • Goshen Road;
  • And three other dealerships throughout North-eastern Indiana;

Since its beginnings up until these days Selking has remained to be family-owned company that is driven by the aim to succeed at what they do, as well as to succeed in maintaining customer satisfaction.

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Henceforth, Selking International is keeping their customers always up to date with the newest trucks that are equipped with the latest technology gadgets, such as are the following trucks:

As you could see from the facts and figures that I have presented you about Selking International it is crystal clear that this dealership deserves to be ranked as 10th best International truck dealer in USA.

If you are interested in some of the services that Selking International offers you can pay them a visit at one of their dealerships, or you can also visit their website where you can contact them for further information details.


To conclude, International truck dealers are of a crucial importance for trucking companies, as well as for owner-operators that want to enlarge their fleet with the most quality and outstanding Class 8 trucks.

As you could read in this article I have chosen the 10 International truck dealers in USA that I have ranked as the best, based on the facts and figures that I have received from numerous trucking companies that are using these trucks.

Therefore, if you are operating with International trucks, or if you have had any previous experience with trucks from this leading truck manufacturer, please feel free to share it with us in the comment box bellow.