Deploying Freight Finder Procedures to Make More Money

Deploying Freight Finder Procedures to Make More Money

What is so special about freight finder procedures? And how can it help you make more money? Well both are really good questions and both go hand in hand, but you need to look a little deeper, scratch below the surface to find the best answers.


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Like everything I write about in my previous articles, there are several key points I often stress. They tend to revolve around better business practices and saving money and/or cutting costs. Some are obvious:

  • Safety (maintaining a proper safety rating)
  • Maintenance (maintenance for fleet)
  • Accountability (keeping good records)
  • Cost Saving (keeping expenses down)

Well they are of course all important, but now I want to touch more so on the last point, cutting cost and saving money. There are several ways which you can do this and I have spoken extensively about things like fuel savings, reducing maintenance cost, and even cost effective or free truck driver’s schools and training options. All these are great regardless if you’re a driver or the owner of the company.

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But freight finder procedures and related duties are more the office, and perhaps the dispatcher’s, responsibility. Of course it all depends on the size and scope of your operation. You might have an entire sales team to assist or it might be the business owner him/herself that handles all the sales calls.



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