Learn 7 Tips for Best Trailer Tracking

Learn 7 Secret Tips for Best Trailer Tracking

Over the last year and a half if you ever wanted as a trucking company owner buy a trailer or even to lease one you probably faced some of the longest trailer delivery times in the history of USA trucking business.

There has been cases that even up to 15 months waiting list was filled for certain part of new dry van trailers causing some of the companies to switch to buying a used trailers.

Increasing number of sold trucks in 2015 of course drives this trailer demand to the maximum levels but today there is some clouds on the sky that used to be perfectly clear and chances are that we can all expect huge number of almost brand new trailers that will flood the market in the next 3 to 12 months.

Despite the fact that there is a lot of trailers and in order to purchase/lease one it will take you around 35K (in some cases all the way up to 70K) there is still a lot of trucking companies that are not paying attention to details when it comes to trailer tracking.

What are the features of trailer tracking?



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