Learn 7 Secret Tips for Best Trailer Tracking

If the device is programmed to send the location once per day or once per week that is a huge difference. Some companies want devices to report on a hourly base.

When deciding which device to buy please make some compare because this affects the pricing and can even double the price of the service. There is a small cheat to ask your trailer tracking provider.

Ask them is there a chance they can offer you a on demand trailer location tracking devices.

You will get a location every time you click on a button in your dashboard. This way you have a cheap price and 100% control.

ROI of Trailer Tracking Devices

Each one of us operating a trucking company has his own way to run it and control it and based on the experience and the kind of business we run and having in mind what are our clients needs.

Each client can be unique and their demands could also be unique and that will affect the ROI as well.

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If you are trucking company carrying loads for a huge grocery retail chain you could have far higher ROI compared to the flat bed trailer operating company.

With these devices you can provide your clients with temperature report and all kind of different details that will position your company as a premium carrier.

Not to mention that the chances of losing your trailer or get it stolen are going to a minimum with this devices. In that case ROI is 100x if you have in mind that you purchased these kind of solutions for let’s say $300 and the brand new trailer price is $30.000.

What Is the Cost of Trailer Tracking Devices

Usually the price is positioned in a similar way to a standard truck GPS services. Meaning that you can face maximum of let’s say $300 one time device fee for a premium device and after that maximum of $20 monthly service fee.


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In nowadays market you can even find prices that are up to 70% cheaper to the ones mentioned above but I would suggest to take a really detail look what are you getting for that price. If you are not a huge trucking company that it is hard to get that price unless you are buying/getting devices that are really bad with quality.

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Big trucking companies sometimes can get up to 50% or 60% discounts so they are capable to use high end devices for the price of low end but if you are not the company of that size you will pay standard prices.


In todays challenging economic times when load prices are going down and up every few times it is not easy to stay in business and make a profit. Eliminating all possible risks in advance is one of the ways to keep your head above the water. Think in advance plan the problems ahead and create a solution in advance. It is all about that and trailer tracking devices are offering exactly that.



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