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11 Proven Techniques for Better Safety Rating

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) introduced the Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) initiative in December 2010.


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This initiative was made to reduce crashes, injuries, and fatalities of the commercial motor vehicles and to improve large truck and other vehicle safety.

Prime intention with enforcing this (CSA) safety system is to make the roads safer for commercial and public vehicles in other words, to protect employees, passengers, and the driving public.

With the new CSA system carriers receive monthly safety evaluations which entails good or bad safety ratings. When bad safety rating is noticed the carrier and the driver receive penalties for violating these regulations.

Train your drivers to drive safely

The future of your company depends on your employees driving behavior on the road, it effects on your finances, fuel costs, truck maintenance expenses and many other costs.

Drivers are the heart and soul of your company, that is why is so important to Educate your truck drivers about CSA initiative. Train them to drive carefully and to understand the risk when they are on the road.

11 Proven Techniques 1Source: www.globoforce.com

Invest in our company’s future, aim to zero employee crashes, train them to be able of making safer and better decisions when they are driving.

With proper training you can:

  • reduce vehicle incident rates
  • control liability costs related to vehicle crashes
  • improve productivity by keeping employees safe
  • reduce fleet repair bills
  • lower insurance cost
  • reduce liability risks
  • improve the public perception for your company with a safe driving rating
  • ensure your success

Reward your drivers if they drive with no speeding tickets

Implement a driver reward program to make safe driving behavior important part of your business. Evaluate the driver’s behavior on a monthly basis and make sure for every employee with no speeding tickets to provide а reward.

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The best way to motivate your employees is to give them knowledge that you are aware of their successfully completed tasks and challenges. This is the perfect way to make a point that safe driving is the Number one priority in your company.

By rewarding your drivers who have а good safety points, you will cause a chain reaction of the same behavior to other drivers.

Check the Status Of Your Vehicles Daily

With daily checks you can detect potential danger issues or defects before it is too late (before using the vehicle). Truck drivers should have a system of routine daily checks in place to make sure that vehicles are in good working shape at the start of the working day or at the start of each shift.

Why is this important? If you spot malfunction that you cannot fix you will be able to report the defect on time to the repair company and you will prevent unnecessary downtime for the truck.

11 Proven Techniques 3Source: www.wheels.ca

Some of the benefits of daily checkups of your truck are:

  • you are protecting yourself
  • risk of a serious accident is reduced
  • you will drive a more reliable truck

Remember that your company success comes from you and your colleagues together. If you get a penalty for not safe vehicle, that action will affect on you and everybody in the company, every bad income effect on everybody. Few penalties can bring bad safety rating.

Check The Status Of your Trailers

The trailer needs to be in perfect condition to finish your ride safely and on time. Check every part of the trailer like tires, wires, check your trucks and trailers at regular intervals to make sure that they are roadworthy and safe for travelling.

11 Proven Techniques 4Source: www.ccjdigital.com

Regularly check the truck parts before they become a problem and cause much damage. With the trailer you need to check various trailer parts such as

  • trailer axle and
  • the electrical equipment
  • proper hooking of the trailer onto the truck
  • outside and inside doors
  • wires
  • brakes
  • wheels
  • sides
  • floor
  • roof
  • air tanks
  • undercarriage
  • front wall

How often should you check your truck and trailer parts? Make frequent detail check ups and quick daily checks. Remember, you are not doing this just for the sake of your vehicle, you are doing this for your own safety, one day this action can save your life.

Check the status of your tires once a month

There are different reasons for checking the truck tires

  • increasing the lifespan of your tires
  • safety
  • fuel economy

It is not important for what reason you are doing the checkups, you should always inspect the tires before you take the road, in this way you are protecting yourself and the load you are carrying.


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Regular replacement of the tires is an important thing to do, choose best truck tires for your vehicle and buy new ones regularly once every two years.

Always keep a close eye on your tires and make sure that they are in perfect condition by regularly checking them out.

Air Pressure: contact your maintenance department and schedule monthly check ups if you can. Weather directly affects the condition of the tires, especially in the summer when the heat is too high, tires are expanding and the pressure can be not suitable for driving.

11 Proven Techniques 5Source: www.spanialsservicecenter.net

If your tires are under recommended inflation  you are putting your life in danger, because low air pressure is one of the main causes of blowouts and fires.

Condition: check the condition of your tires by listening for air leaks, foreign objects, sidewall damage, missing valve caps or anything unusual.

Tire tread: According to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations, the minimum tread depth for a steer tire is 4/32 of an inch on every major tread groove. A tire with low tread can easily blow out when it hits road sinks.

Take care of your vehicle lights

Step one to prevent yourself from penalties is to check the lights of your truck and to be sure that everything is working right, there is a lot of them together in the truck and trailer and if only one of the lights is not working your company will get a penalty, which effect on your safety report.



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