Best Types of Freight for Rookie Truck Drivers

They are great for long over the road (OTR) hauls. This is because they can be used for most types of freight. The freight is well protected from the elements. It is also able to be locked, sealed and well secured. This helps reduces claims from loss or damage, so with other words you will be able to protect your freight much more easily, which is not the case with some of the other types of freight.

Vans come in different lengths but the maximum length allowed 53 feet. The average box trailer should be able to carry 45,000 pounds of freight or up to 26 standard sized pallets.

On the downside, and this is according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) report, box trailers account for the highest number of fatal crashes (42.3% to be exact). Of course, this is attributed to it being the most common trailer type on the road.

The only, or better to say most common issue with most of the box trailers is the floors, and over all construction. They are still generally constructed from wood and therefore have limited lifespan (though they do last years and years). But they are susceptible to the weather excessive heat and moisture causes most of the issues.

Still, starting fresh, in the first years of your truck driving career, with no real experience whatsoever, this type of truck hauling should be a serious consideration for you. You won’t make a mistake; believe me when I am saying!



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