Best Types of Freight for Rookie Truck Drivers

Keep in mind the FMCSA has rigid rules for securing your cargo. This is major issue and if not observed, can get you a huge fine.

Recording to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), it can also be safety concern. Keep in mind that when the freight isn’t secured properly it can cause some serious issues, when slowing or accelerating.

Pros And Cons Of Hauling Reefer Truck Freight As A Rookie Truck Driver

I will put this kind of freight for rookie truck drivers as a third option down on my list because I think that reefer freight it’s a bit more complicated than the other two types.

However, it is very common that the refrigerated trucking companies hire rookie truck drivers. Some of them will even give them the additional training needed.

Most of the rookie truck drivers choose to start out hauling refrigerated freight because it is the most common type of freight available. Also this freight doesn’t require a lot in the way of specialized training.

Refrigerated freight is very similar to a dry van, the only real difference being that its temperature is controlled.

Refrigerated freight together with dry van is best for beginners because they require little to no physical work from the driver, which is not the case if you were to drive other freights that need to be properly secured, or where you need to manage driving with thousands of pounds of liquid moving around.

Is It Dump Truck Freight Suitable?

Dump trucks are relatively easy to operate and could be a good starting point for most rookie truck drivers. You might not think of a dump truck, but they come is a variety of models and usually do require the air brake endorsement. Depending on what you’re hauling you might even need HAZ-mat endorsements as well.

We have all seen these trucks leaving jobsites. For the average person you think of road constructions or the hauling away of dirt from a new subdivision development. But they can haul everything from gravel to trash. Typically they are loaded from the sides with some type of scoop/bucket or overhead hopper.

Some dump trucks have a rigid assembly, with the bed and cabin forming one vehicle, and some of them may be articulated, which allows the bed to be removed from the main cab.

There are also some dump trucks that tow a smaller trailer, called a pup. These trailers serve for the purpose of unloading the material in stages.

The way how it works is like this: They fill the pup full and then they take it to the construction site by a different towing system. After they empty the contents, the pup returns for a refill.


If you decide to pursue a career as a dump truck driver in the very first years as a rookie truck driver, that wouldn’t be bad choice at all!

Is It Tow Truck Freight A Good Choice For A Rookie Truck Drivers?

If you’re a rookie truck driver who just got your CDL you might consider driving a tow truck. Often, the trucking companies that deal with towing would want driving experience, but usually they’ll train the right person and make you one of the best tow truck drivers out there!

Towing is one of the services that will always have a need. But there is more to it than just hooking up and dragging some wreck off the road.

There are many different types of tow trucks, the classic model you have seen that hooks on the ‘bumper’ and off you go. Of course there is more to it than that but we’ve all seen them.

Actually there are five common types of tow trucks and they are:

  • The hook and chain;
  • The boom;
  • The wheel-lift;
  • The integrated tow truck and the flatbed.

Each model will serve a different purpose do. The flatbed for example, instead of dragging the vehicle, it completely holds it in the bed and hauls it away. But in the trucking world they need much bigger models; these will require airbrake endorsements and such.

If you lend a job as a tow truck driver in your first year of driving, consider yourself lucky, because the tow truck driving salary isn’t bad at all!

Dry Bulk Tanker Freight As An Option

So what is a dry bulk tanker truck? Well, to be honest just like the name implies. It is a tanker truck, designed to transport dry goods, but in mass quantity. Some of the more common types of cargo are sand, salt, flour, sugar, and any other similar freight.

This would not be too bad for the rookie truck drivers trying to get some good loads. After all, the load won’t slosh and shift like liquids can (and do).

However the drivers are usually responsible for unloading so there will be some hands on.

Something else to consider there is a limited number of slots so it might be harder to find gainful employment as a dry bulk tanker driver.

Fuel Tanker Freight For Rookie Truck Drivers: Is It A Good Option?

So, for all the rookie truck drivers who want to get into the driving game to make money right away, driving a fuel tanker truck might be your ticket.

Most experienced drivers would recommend that you do some driving with other trucks first, but usually hauling fuel, chemicals and other HAZ-mat freight pays better.

Depending on where you find work, you have several options. Of course there are the big tanker trucks that most everyone thinks of, but there are also smaller vehicles, shorter trailers, and straight trucks.

The need for qualified drivers in the trucking industry is constant, so you should be able to find driving jobs in most any location, rural or urban.



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