10 Best Dry Van Trailers You Can Buy

10 Best Dry Van Trailers You Can Buy

In a form of massive box with wheels, the dry van trailer is a simple rectangular trailer that mostly carries general cargo. Dry van is not like any other conventional trailer that is loaded on the flatbed, instead this trailer is connected directly to the tractor.

10 Best Dry Van Trailers You Can Buy
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On the market there are a lot of trailer manufacturers, each one of them is producing their trailers on a different way , using different materials.

Although the manufacturers are using different materials for their dry van trailers , still most of the trailers are made with wooden floors and rails in order to secure the load.

If you are in the trucking business and you own a tractor but you are lacking a dry van trailer in that case our article will be of your use. When buying a dry van trailer there are a lot of important things that you should pay attention to.

Beginning from the required features of the trailer- up to the manufacturer. A good starting point for choosing the best dry van trailer is doing a proper research and comparing the results with your requirements.

Henceforth, there are manufacturers that are producing lighter dry van trailers , but as well there are others that are manufacturing heavier van trailers.

That is so because they are made for transportation of different types of goods and materials. If you are planning to operate with general cargo, such as food , then the best trailers for you would be the lightweight ones.

Also dependently from the freight that you are going to operate with you can choose between trailer with rear or side doors. Most commonly used are the trailers with rear doors.

In order to ease your search and to help you make the best decision when it comes to choosing the best dry van trailer, in this article I’ve provided you with 10 van trailers from top manufacturers that you can buy.

1. Dura Plate & Dura Plate HD Van Trailers By Wabash National Corporation


One of the best dry van trailer that you can buy nowadays is the Dura Plate HD , manufactured in USA by the Wabash National Corporation.

The fact that there are more than 500.000 Dura Plate trailers on the road tells a lot about the quality and performance of these trailers.

Wabash National Corporation as one of the best manufacturers of trailers in USA aims towards constant innovation and improvement.

10 Best Dry Van Trailers You Can Buy
Source: www.wabash-trailers.com

Therefore, the first Dura Plate trailer has been produced in 1996 in order to meet the transportation requirements. What makes this dry van trailer stand out from other trailers are its features.

The Dura Plate is lightweight, extremely durable and long lasting. Having these features the Dura Plate found its place among America’s largest fleets.

The Dura Plate represents a standard equipment that is constructed with high density polyethylene core . The polyethylene core is being bonded between two- high steel skins.

The purpose of the steel skins is to make this trailer damage resistant and at the same time to offer maximum interior width. Another positive thing about this trailer is that it comes with ten years limited warranty.

As the years go by Wabash National Corporation made innovations and improved this trailer. In 2003 was launched the advanced version- Dura Plate HD.

This version of Dura Plate dry van has been produced for heavy- duty transportation .It can be also used for application of abusive freight.

10 Best Dry Van Trailers You Can Buy
Source: www.wabash-trailers.com

To enumerate, this manufacturer is on the market since 1985 and by constantly incorporating new standards. By their continuous production process and innovation they have achieved around 70 patents.

2. 4000 D Van Trailer By Utility- Trailer Manufacturing Company


4000D van trailer is another extremely durable, unique and quality dry van trailer that you can buy. This van trailer is produced by Utility Trailer manufacturing company.

I believe that when you are looking to buy a van trailer or a truck, among all important things that you are taking into consideration one is the company that is manufacturing it.

10 Best Dry Van Trailers You Can Buy
Source: www.utilitopics.com

Therefore Utility is a company that is placing trailers on the market for 102 years. When you see that a company has remained for so long on the market it is clear that the company is offering high quality products. Likewise a positive feedback for the company could ease your choice and decision.

The 4000D van trailer shows what innovation, effort and lightness look like. This trailer is made from plywood which is a general building material.

The quality of this trailer has been approved and recognized by EPA Certified Smart Way. But what does EPA Certified Smart Way means? It is actually The Smart Way Transport Partnership – an organization that the government of the US is leading and operating.

The aim of this organization is to encourage the companies towards environmentally responsible way.

Moreover this trailer is made from galvanized steel wear-band. At the same time it offers safety, stability and quality, and by that it makes the perfect match for your tractor.

3. Champion Dry Van SE Trailer By Great Dane


The company Great Dane is among the best manufacturers of dry van trailers. What distinguishes this company from other companies that are producing trailers is the continuous improvement, the support and attention to its customers.

They want to provide their customers with the best service, with durable and quality trailers. This company is one of the leading manufacturers of trailers for more than 100 years.

10 Best Dry Van Trailers You Can Buy
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Hence, Champion Dry Van SE is a high quality trailer that offers ultimate resistance and safety. It is made from stainless steel that does not allow corrosion. Good feature of this trailer is that it has patented SSL panel lining.

The SSL panel is way stronger than the other options like the hardwood.

Furthermore, what makes the company Great Dane outstanding is that it’s heading on the path of quality in order to achieve success. So every trailer that they make, every product that they place on the market is exceptional and long lasting.



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