10 Best Dry Van Trailers You Can Buy

10 Best Dry Van Trailers You Can Buy

They are using top materials that are corrosion resistant, and that adds life to your trailer.


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The Champion Dry Vans SE comes with 10 years warranty for its led lights and 8 years warranty for the wheels and the system.

When it comes to the truck driver that are going to operate with this trailer, the manufacturers have provided few tips for proper loading .

After doing several tests we can see that in order to make a good transportation you should place the load from the front towards the rear part. And other key point is to secure the loads from movement.

4. AG Series Dry Van Trailer By TIMPTE


Timpte company is a leader on the market and is well known for its aluminum bulk trailers, the grain trailers and dry van trailers . The company was initially incorporated by the brothers William and August Timpte.

At the very beginning this company started manufacturing wagons, and what their plants were one time 55.000 square feet nowadays are 195.000 square feet. Their sales offices are placed in Iowa.

10 Best Dry Van Trailers You Can Buy
Source: www.olingerss.com

By their constant improvement and their innovations they have moved the standards when it comes to manufacturing dry van trailers. One of their best trailer series is the American AG. It is made from aluminum and have capacity of 50.000 lbs. lift capacity.

As well the trailers from this series have applied specific lights and wiring. The trailer has: side lamps , nose lamps ,rear tail lamps, as well as white reflective tape on the corners.

Safety is always on first place, therefore this company used Q-stye brakes to increase the security and safety of the driver and as well of the load material. The brakes have special installed system and sensors.

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The trailers from this series have in total 8 wheels. As protective material they have used a black protective coating , made from metal which is corrosion free.

To sum up, the trailers manufactured by Timpte are the ones that are most commonly used in the transportation process these days.

5. Furniture Dry Van Trailer By Stoughton


If you are looking to buy a furniture dry van trailer with five side doors , then the Furniture Trailer manufactured by Stoughton will be the perfect match. This trailer offers exceptional, superior design and long lasting quality.

Furniture Dry Van trailer is composed of belly box and five side doors. The inside of the trailer is made in a way that the operator could have the maximum cubic capacity for loads.

10 Best Dry Van Trailers You Can Buy
Source: www.stoughtontrailers.com

Thereupon, what makes this trailer long lasting is the choice of materials that the manufacturer has made. The Furniture trailer is constructed with steel body parts that have two part epoxy primer.

As well if you decide to buy this trailer have in mind that it has another positive feature , which is the corrosion protection. It is really important to look for trailers that have corrosion protection because those are the trailers that will last for years.

Most compelling evidence for the quality of the trailers that Stoughton produces is that this company is on the market since 1960. Nowadays this company has more than 150.000 quality trailers on the USA and Canada roads.

Significant thing about this manufacturer is that it meets the criteria of the Voluntary Protection Program (VPP).

Hence, every trailer that is made with dedication and best materials for sure will find it’s place on the road, since those trailers last year after year.

If you are operating with loads that require furniture trailers we recommend you this one- Furniture dry van trailer manufactured by Stoughton.

6. HT Plate Dry Van Trailer By Hyundai Translead


You want to buy dry van trailer , but you want to buy it only from a socially responsible manufacturer- if that’s the case , we have the best recommendation for you.

Hyundai Translead is a socially responsible company that is formed in San Diego in 1989. They are among the 10 best trailer manufacturers. Also it is good to mention that this company is the first that earned the ISO 9001 Certification.

10 Best Dry Van Trailers You Can Buy
Source: www.atandsonline.com

Since earning the certificate ISO 9001, they are renewing it yearly , which shows how serious and dedicated this company is.

Moreover, the HT Plate dry trailer was manufactured in 1994. Manufacturing this trailer has been a great achievement for the company . Since manufacturing the HT Plate Dry , Hyundai Translead started the creation of extensive product portfolios.

Made with solid aluminum plates ,the HD Plate represents a strong constructed trailer. This trailer has also parts from galvanized steel . Those steel parts add security to the trailer. As well the HD plate is corrosion resistant – it has galvanized rear frame.

In case buy this trailer, and after a while you want to change the sidewalls, you can do that easily. The sidewalls of this trailer are made in a way that they can be replaced rapidly. This trailer is one of those trailers that can increase your productivity, and don’t demand lot of downtime when on the road.

7. Ultraplate Dry Van Trailer By Manac


Manac is a great company that produces different types of trailers. Among the trailers that this company produces are the dry van trailers.

Manac makes six types of dry van trailer : drop van trailer, tridem dry trailer, quad – axle dry van trailer, b-train reefer, b-train heated with side door and eight- axle dry van.

They are a large producer of trailers , that’s why they have sales offices in : USA , Western Canada, Montreal, New England, Ontario, Riviere-du-loup, Maritimes.

10 Best Dry Van Trailers You Can Buy
Source: www.manac.ca

Additionally if you are looking for a wide trailer that is made from composite panel, we would like to recommend you the Ultraplate dry van trailer.

This trailer makes an ultimate security for the freight because it has a liner that protects it. The values of this company are well shown by their trailer lines.



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