Truck Driver Appreciation Week


Have you ever heard of truck driver appreciation week? Well, someone needs to show respect to the people risking their lives to make us happy. Without truck drivers, the world would literally come to a stop. Truck drivers deliver all of the goods that you need and are essential to you.


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It would be like the apocalypse. Imagine yourself, without water, food or much ”scarier” without laptops or mobile phones. Everything that we have, we owe it to them.

Even though you never gave it a meaning to it or thought it through, they are there, hitting the longest of highways. However, with or without your knowledge of it, the trucking companies are there to make a better living for everyone.

Therefore, do you think that truckers deserve a truck driver appreciation week?

The Very Beginning Of Truck Driver Appreciation Week

Do you think people were much grateful for things they had or things someone would make for them in the previous years than today? They showed appreciation and respect for everything they had. For this reason, people took a moment to show gratitude.

Additionally, people grew it into a well-kept tradition over the years and still exists, even in the trucking companies. In this case, people started with showing gratitude to the heroes hitting the roads.

Some of them started to show respect to the truck drivers at the very end of the 20th century. They felt the need to thank the truck drivers for everything they do, and every part of their job.

Over the years, the American Trucking Associations (ATA), and the whole trucking industry take the whole week to show support to the truck drivers. This particular week is considered as one of the most important in a year.

The truck driver appreciation week is the week where America officially honors the trucking companies, as well the millions of truck drivers. Each year, America shows respect to every single driver with the truck driver appreciation week.

Things We Need To Be Grateful For

Sometimes, it is important in life for someone to say to us “Good job”, “Well done!”, “Bravo”, and show us any kind of gratitude, or motivation. Moreover, it makes a person feel respected. Why do I say this? Because people hardly ever realize the difficulties the truck drivers face on a daily basis, not to mention for months. This is the exact reason why truck driver appreciation week exists.

Every mile drivers make, improves the economy, the convenience, all in all, it improves tomorrows. They are highways hostages. They travel in the morning, at lunch, in the darkest of nights, during weekends, and during holidays as well. And they make their sacrifice for us.

To illustrate… remember that new shirt you bought from H&M, the pants you love wearing from Forever 21, or your brand new laptop? You have them because of truck drivers. Therefore, not showing gratitude to drivers would be a shame, take some time to join the truck driver appreciation week.

Additionally, for the many reasons to show them respect, the ATA, organizes a whole week dedicated to millions of professional truck drivers, each year. Not only the top trucking industries but we also, need to be grateful for the amazing job that truckers do for us. Doing this is important for drivers since there are numerous over the road challenges that truck drivers face each day.

Trucking Is A Dangerous Job And Still There Are Plenty Of Truck Drivers

Notwithstanding, being a tough lifestyle, truck driving is considered as one of the most dangerous jobs on earth. In fact, this occupation takes the 8th place in the list of most dangerous jobs in the world. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), highways are considered as the leading cause of deaths.

Besides the danger, they face each day, there are still plenty of drivers, working in the trucking industry.

Question for the audience: Would you take a job where you put your life at risk?

As you may know, trucking is hard and dangerous even for the experienced truck drivers. It is very dissimilar from the other jobs. For example, you may get better with the experience but highways are unpredictable. Not to mention what is like to be driving on ice roads. However, there are always some useful tips for truck driving in winter to help you handle the situation.

There also danger on the truck stops. It is not always safe to park at any stop. For example, later in the years, people didn’t know where to find a truck stop or a place to rest. Nowadays, with the help of the rapid advancement of technology, you get help by applications.


Accordingly, there are great mobile apps that will make any trucker’s life easier. To illustrate, the Fuel optimizer lets you discover the best truck stop amenities. It has beautiful features. For instance, it gives you a map overview about cheap truck stops and everything included in their offer, etc.

In addition, the equipment is great. They are made for the sake of the truck drivers as well as the trucking companies. There are very helpful tools to help you run a tracking business.

Trucking Is A Tough Lifestyle

Have you ever imagined what a truck driver’s life looks like in general? If not, you should. Even though there are people that disrespect them, they don’t realize what is like to be hitting the endless roads as a lifestyle. For instance, have you ever asked yourself the question What is the average ice road truckers salary? I must admit, some of you may be taken by surprise.

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In fact, what they do for a living is incredible and inspiring. With attention to this, they are actually risking their lives on the longest of highways in order to make us all content. In other words, truck drivers need to possess several exclusive skills and must be prepared for every situation.



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