The Right Approach to Combat the Trucker Shortage Issue

There are numerous approaches that trucking companies can take in order to combat trucker shortage issues. But, the first and foremost important is making truck driving be performed in a positive environment in which truckers are feeling valued.

Trucking companies can find their right approach to combat the trucker shortage issues in many different ways.

Nowadays, the most successful trucking companies in the USA have revealed their secret to combating the trucker shortage issue, which is focusing on improvements in company’s culture, increasing the trust and making the work-life balance better.

Believe it or not, having an honest and realistic approach with your truck driver can contribute a lot to their retention. Yet, a trucking company retaining its truck drivers successfully is the one that is combatting the trucker shortage in the right way.

Tip: All trucking companies should have in mind providing a positive work environment because only that brings positive feedback both from truckers and customers.

So, let’s see what trucking companies can do in order to achieve a positive feedback in combatting trucker shortage!

Staying Ahead Of The Trucker Shortage

If we take a close approach to a trucker shortage, then we could understand the long-term complexities of its case.

Many trucking companies did not want to believe that trucker shortage is actually happening. Due to that beliefs, they thought that it was just a myth, and were not taking any steps further to improve it.


But, luckily this year we could notice that more and more trucking companies began seeing with their eyes wide open that staying ahead of the trucker shortage will bring them big benefits.

Hiring truck drivers these days is hard, but retaining one is even harder. Believe in this fact.

Somehow trucker shortage has become the new normal in the U.S. trucking industry. It has led to an escalation in truck driver turnover rate. As a result of that, a lot of trucking companies are forced to evaluate their methods of retaining, training and recruiting truck drivers.

What Is Causing Trucker Shortage

As we already know, a trucker shortage is numerous factors, including regulatory concerns, demographics, and bad work-life balance. Yet, one more factor that is contributing to the trucker shortage is the salary.

More precisely, the salary is the very first reason why many rookie truck drivers are leaving the trucking industry. Trucking companies nowadays are not paying a lot of attention to rookie truck drivers, and are providing them very low salaries. Which of course, later on, leads to the trucker shortage.


Nowadays we can see that trucking companies are more aware of what is going on in the industry and are combating trucker shortage by being more creative and by thinking more strategically.

Managing deliveries and managing their truckers has become a number one priority!


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But, will this trucker shortage continue in the future? Which seems to be the right approach to combating trucker shortage?

Tip for trucking companies that look forward to combatting trucker shortage: Try to minimize driver wait times, and make your deliveries more efficient by streamlining the loading process.

Combat the Trucker Shortage by Recruiting, Training and Retaining Drivers

Developing impeccable and strong programs for recruiting, training and retaining drivers is the very first step towards combatting the trucker shortage. It is recommendable for all trucking companies to go this way!

In general, by developing impeccable and strong programs for truck drivers, trucking companies will be in the position to transform into reality the on-time and safety deliveries.


When a truck driver is recruited and trained in the proper way, he will be retained. It is so mainly because this type of truck driver management has a twofold benefit, both the truckers are benefiting from it and trucking companies as well. So, it can be seen as a win-win plan!

Tip: Each trucking company should try to build a talent pool of truck drivers!

In addition, trucking companies can combat trucker shortage by trying to recruit veterans and women truck drivers.

Adding veterans and women truck drivers to the trucking industry means just one thing- seeing the full potential of the trucking market!

Keep in mind that veterans and women truck drivers are always more precautious than conventional truckers.


Nevertheless, a trucking company should always present the real side of their values and visions to their trucker candidates. It is the only way to increase your recruitment effectiveness.

Focus On Quality Of Life for Your Truck Drivers

The trucker shortage has brought a dramatic capacity constraint in the trucking industry.

This is a clear indicator that besides the age factor, trucking companies are as well facing with trucker shortage due to not providing a good quality life for their truck drivers.

Straight proportionally trucking companies should put their focus a bit more on the quality of life that they are enabling their truckers to live.


After all, truck driver’s life is not that liberated as one might think of.

Truck drivers are spending their days on the road, and their nights either in their truck cabs or in hotels. They travel through a lot of places and see different things, but that single fact does not mean that they are living a quality life.

A trucker would say that a quality trucker life is the one that has more work-life balance.


Thereupon, one of the things that trucking companies should pay attention to is making a perfect match for their truck drivers with the loads that are perfect for them. As well to match them with the routes that can enable them more home-time.

Hence, focusing on quality of life for truck drivers is the noblest thing that trucking companies can do in combatting trucker shortage.

Combat Trucker Shortage by Luring New Truckers with Better Pay and Benefits

Boosting pay and benefits in order to retain your truck drivers seems to be the best formula to success!



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