Top 20 Canadian Trucking Companies


The very beginnings of the trucking industry in Canada were noticed at the time of the Canadian war. Back then there were very high demands for raw food as well as manufactured goods transportation.

Soon after that, the transportation system became overburdened.

Nowadays the Federal Government declared that the trucking industry is the essential industry in Canada. Yet, it gained a recognition of an effective and flexible means of various load type transportation, serving multiple industries.

These days the trucking industry is drastically expanding. We can notice that there are more and more trucking companies being incorporated.

Further, in this article, you will have the chance to read and learn which the top 20 Canadian Trucking Companies are.

So, let’s take a look!

1. SLH Transport INC.

SLH Transport was incorporated in 1985, which makes it be one of the oldest Canadian trucking companies.

This trucking company is serving a wide range of retail outlets as well as vendors.

Their great foundation and training ground for delivering in time have risen it up among the leading Canadian trucking companies.


Hence, after all these years SLH Transport Inc. is still maintaining long standing relationships with its customers.

Their employees are complementing the domestic and cross border truckload services by featuring a full menu of freight management services.

Thereupon, SLH Transport has extensive equipment types, as well as award winning drivers.

2. Bison Transport

If you are looking for a leading trucking company in Canada, then you should take a look at Bison Transport. Actually, it is a multiple awards winning trucking company.

Moreover, Bison Transport as Canada’s largest long-haul truckload carrier is delivering the knowledge and opportunity to optimize every mile on every lane.


This trucking company has for sure the capacity to cover any load at any distance. Bison’s fleet consists of 1400 trucks and 4000 trailers.

Their well-trained and equipped staff is just adding up to the success of this trucking company.

Day by day Bison Transport is continuing to be an industry leader in an essential service.

In addition, this trucking company can offer you warehousing and logistics services throughout North America.

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3. Lynden Transport

Lynden Transport has a network of service centers which is considered to be the largest in Alaska. Their network of service provides extensive coverage with an integrated truck, air services, as well as marine services.

Simply, Lynden Transport is providing reliable freight delivery unequaled in Alaska.


So, if you are looking for a trucking company that can provide you added assurance of a single company in complete transportation control, then you should take a look at Lynden Transport.

In addition, Lynden has an extensive construction and mining experience.

On the other hand, when it comes to their services, Lynden can provide you cool chain logistics service as well as quick transportation service.

4. Canadian Freightways

Canadian Freightways was incorporated in 1935, ever since then, it is building a relationship with their customers based on high standards and ethical behavior.

Nevertheless, Canadian Freightways is one of the top 20 Canadian trucking companies. This trucking company is following the values of integrity, innovation, respect, accountability as well as safety.


As recognized leading less than truckload trucking company, Canadian Freightways is mainly serving western Canada.

Moreover, this trucking company is providing overnight and second-day service within the region.

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Their presence in the trucking industry for more than 70 years has brought them numerous loyal customers and an impeccable reputation.


We all know the difficulties that ice road trucking brings itself. It is nothing like the conventional trucking. So, starting with this point of view I completely understand your concerns that you have when looking for an ice road trucking company.

Well, you won’t have to worry anymore, because TLO CHO LANDTRANS TRANSPORT is here. Moreover, this trucking company is the last frontier of trucking in Canada’s North.


Thereupon, this trucking company is offering regularly schedules and year-round transportation services between points in Canada and the Northwest Territories.

Here are the services that TLI CHO LANDTRAN TRANSPORT offers:

Simply said, this trucking company is without a doubt a pioneer of ice road travel and one of the best Canadian trucking companies.

6. Fastfrate

Fastfrate is one of the leading Canadian trucking companies, as such it is constantly putting their primary focus on the long haul international transportation of LTL freight.

Moreover, Fastfrate is offering their services in Edmonton, Victoria, Vancouver, and Regina. In addition, it is providing cross border LTL service, Central Canada to Atlantic Canada LTL service and interprovincial LTL services between all Atlantic Canada Provinces, as well as return LTL and FL service from Western Canada.


Their full breadth of services includes as well:

  • Drayage service to and from the ports and rail yards across Canada;
  • Dedicated fleet services that transfer your private fleet to a variable cost that can adjust immediately to peaks and valleys in volume;
  • Transload service at Canada’s major ports to transfer ocean containers to road and rail- to their final destination;
  • Freight brokerage/logistics services to give our customers further choice;

7. MOTO Transportation

Moto Transportation is specializing in wide range of domestic and international trucking and freight shipping solutions. In addition to their services, Moto Transportation is featuring less than truckload LTL freight as well as cross border trucking.


Moreover, since Moto is one of the best Canadian trucking companies, as such it is taking pride in every shipping service that it is providing. Yet, their team of truck drivers is always going above and beyond in providing safe, cost efficient, and on-time freight services.


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Further, Moto Transportation is offering both reliable local within Canada load transportation and cross-border freight trucking solutions.

8. Kindersley Transport LTD

Kindersley Transport is a privately owned transportation company; it is specializing in truckload and less than truckload service throughout Canada.



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