Top 20 Canadian Trucking Companies



Nowadays the main headquarter of this trucking company is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Arnold Bros are providing services to a variety of companies and businesses.

After all these years this trucking company remains to be a family owned and operated trucking business.


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So, if you choose to use the services that this trucking company is offering, then you will get a commitment to quality service, safe and efficient operation as well as competitive pricing.

17. Eassons Transport LTD

Eassons Transport is one of the best Canadian trucking companies. A big part of the success that this trucking business is enjoying nowadays is thanks to the dedicated staff that they have, starting with their truck drivers up to their office staff.



Thereupon, Eassons Transport is located in:

  • Kernville;
  • Moncton;
  • John’s;
  • Mississauga;
  • Albany;
  • Belleville;

In addition, this trucking company has a high focus on customer satisfactions. That is to say, this trucking company is constantly communicating with customers and employees, while at the same time ensuring their expectations and needs are being fulfilled.

That is how Eassons Transport has managed to build a strong reputation for hiring dependable drivers.

18. Lian Trucking

Lian Trucking has a top priority to provide quality services to all of their customers. In fact, it is what made Lian Trucking rise among the best Canadian trucking companies.

Each employee of this trucking company have a strong  commitment to deliver excellent transportation solutions in partnership with their customers and  strive to retain their satisfaction and trust.



When it comes to providing safe and reliable load transportation we can clearly see that this trucking company can perform it impeccably.

That is mainly because Lian Trucking has a fleet composed of safe, reliable equipment as well as experienced truck drivers who have obtained Class A CDL driver’s license, as well as hazmat endorsements.


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In addition, this trucking company is as well licensed as:

  • Canadian Bonded Carrier– Is allowed to transport goods past the Canadian border to another Customs office;
  • U.S. Customs Bonded Carrier– Is allowed to transport in-bond shipments between Canada and United States;
  • ACE/ Automated Commercial Environment– Is enabled to perform commercial trade processing, which has been developed by the S. Customs and Border Protection which facilitated the legitimate trade while strengthening border security;

19. Rosenau Transport LTD

Rosenau Transport is present in the trucking industry since 1957. This trucking company is operating without stopping, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The truck drivers that are part of Rosenau’s team know how to handle customers immediately, by providing them safe, prompt and quality services.



Thereupon, this trucking company as one of the leading Canadian trucking companies is specializing in:

  • LTL;
  • Full Load;
  • Bulk;
  • Hot Shots/Express Consolidation;
  • Overnight Service;
  • Dry Vans;
  • Heated Vans;
  • Dedicated Services;


In addition, Rosenau has 26 transport terminals equipped with a large fleet of modern tractors and trailers. Safe and reliable transport can become reality with Rosenau.

That is due to the contract maintenance that they have at all of their terminals, which later on enables them operating efficiency.

20. Carmel Transport International LTD

Carmel Transport was founded in 1991; back then this trucking company was operating with only one truck. The founder of this trucking company was strongly believing in prompt and personal customer service.

In fact, it became the backbone of Carmel Transport and has led it into becoming one of the leading Canadian trucking companies.



Moreover, Carmel Transport nowadays is one of Ontario’s largest inter-modal trucking companies. It is specializing in the transportation of dry materials, refrigerated as well as over size containers.

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The terminals that Carmel owns, as well  are contributing to their success because they are located in key areas in Mississauga, Montreal, and Calgary.


All in all, we can see that Canadian trucking companies are moving around 70% of the manufactured goods. Canadian trucking companies are as well engaged in the international load transportation movement as well.

Yet, the 20 Canadian trucking companies that I’ve choose for  this article are significantly standing out because of the services that they are offering as well as the dedication that they are showing to their customers.

Thereupon if you have had any previous experience with any of these 20 Canadian trucking companies please share it with us in the comment box.

Good luck with choosing the Canadian trucking company that will meet your needs!



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