Trucking Memes and Jokes That Will Make You LAUGH YOUR HEAD OFF

As we all know the trucking industry is a very serious and important industry. It is what gets our everyday life going even though we might not be aware of it. Thus, everyone working in the industry has to take his or her job very seriously. And with minimum to none mistakes while working. Because a simple mistake can cost companies millions of dollars.

But, does that mean that people that work in this industry have to be serious and strict 24/7?

Does it mean they are not supposed to smile or have fun while working? If you organize your time wisely you will have the best experience in any job, as well as in the trucking industry.

So, let’s check which are the things that would make you laugh your head off when it comes to trucking! Sometimes are the stuff people say sometimes are things they do. So, let’s laugh our heads off together!

Park Your Truck and Have Some Fun

Parking lots and trucking stations are well known as the places to relax after a long day of driving. Many trucking stations have fun things to do while there. Those are called truck stop amenities. These are especially important in the Iowa 80. That would take your mind out of the problems for a bit.

In many of them, you can play video games with other truckers and laugh your head off. Then, after feeling more relaxed and after spending some time and energy in the fun section, it is much easier to go back to your job.

5 Funny Truck Stickers

Trucking job can be very lonely at times. So, many truckers find their own ways how to make it less lonely and more fun. And, not just for themselves, but for the others that they drive on the roads with.

Thus, many of them put very fun stickers on their trucks. I am sure many times you have seen it yourself. You drive down the road, and a truck is in front of you. You stop on the green light and you then realize it says something funny on it.

Of course, you laugh and it made your day more fun. Truckers love making other people’s days more fun. This way you might want to become a truck driver yourself!

There are many funny truck stickers online that will make you laugh your head off. We checked on five for you, which are listed down below!

Enjoy it!


5 Funny Truck Memes

The internet today is full of memes for anything. And, any type of jobs as well. If you try searching for something funny for truckers, trust me you will find many.


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Some are genuinely funny others are to make fun of the truckers, the job in general or at the rest of the people that are not part of the trucking industry.

However, do not take things too personally! It is just a meme and it is supposed to make someone laugh. If that one is not the one for you, I am sure you can find others that will make you laugh your head off.

So, let’s check what are all those memes about. Down below you can see we picked five for you. Have fun!


4 Funny Trucking Jokes

Since truckers do many driving hours, there is a likelihood of many things happening. Many problems can arise during the trip as well as many funny situations. Therefore, many people have made those situations into jokes that stay for years to be told among the truckers.

You can find many of them on the internet. We managed to find 4 of them for you to read and enjoy!

Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

Funny Truck Pictures

Since trucks are one of the biggest vehicles, there is very often some incident where they are involved. They outstand in the traffic and often roads are not made for them to pass.

When something fun happens, it is always seen from the others involved in the traffic. And, often pictures are taken to catch the fun moment.

We are showing you here few fun pictures taken from the spectators. Though, there is a lot on the internet if you do a quick search.

Check the following pictures that will make you laugh your head off.

Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

5 Fun Truck Driving Games

Today there are many kinds of games online. So, of course, there are truck driving games as well. Many of them can be played with wheel and brakes too. Which makes it super interesting and more realistic than just the regular way of playing.

There are thousands of truck games online which are dedicated to truck driving. We have decided to share the following five with you. Enjoy it!

  1. UK truck simulator is an online game where you can try to drive a truck. It is called simulator with a reason. The game looks pretty realistic and the moves are also quite similar to the actual driving. The environment where you would drive if playing this game is, of course, England, Scotland, and Wales.
  2. Big rigs: over the road racing is a convoy rolling game which was released in 2003. And there is a total of five semi-trailer trucks. This game is very challenging since the trucks have a waste movement abilities. Thus, they can go up the cliffs and through buildings.
  3. Super trucks racing is a truck racing video game. It is played on PlayStation 2. The music used in this game is mostly techno, but there is some heavy – metal as well. The North American version is not quite same as the European. It is lacking the reviews as well as all the visual effects.
  4. Hard truck ll King of the road is also a European game. It is a driving simulator and a racing game as well. The soundtrack in this game is from the Russian heavy – metal band Aria. And the environment is from one of the best European cities. The main challenge is to keep the truck on the road during the bad weather conditions.
  5. Big Mutha Truckers 2 is a game for PlayStation 2 and XBox. Though there is a PC version which does not have very good reviews. The game is about passing challenges with an 18-wheeler while attacked by UFOs and cops.

5 Fun Truck Quotes

Since trucking is a very important job, there is a lot of attention dragged to the trucking industry as well as the truck drivers. Trucking has a very big industry impact nowadays.



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