10 awesome facts about iowa 80 truck stop

10 Awesome Facts About Iowa 80 Truck Stop

10 Awesome Facts About Iowa 80 Truck Stop

There are a lot of truck stops in the United States but Iowa 80 Truck Stop is the world largest truck stop. As the largest truck stop in the United States with a lot of services and amenities for truck drivers, it is an important part of the Trucking world.


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There are nearly 5,000 truck stops across the US according to America’s America’s Independent Truckers’ Association and every one of them is helping truck drivers to park their class 8 trucks and get some rest before the next day.

Iowa 80 Truck Stop is the truck stop where truck drivers love to stop because it provides them a lot of amenities that make their long haul life much easier. The first half of the 20th century is the period when the first truck stops were born and since then they achieve a whole new level of service providing.

The best truck stops are like energy chargers for the truck drivers. As an OTR truck driver, you know that there’s nothing more satisfying as a hot shower at the end of the day? Also, the truck stops are places where the truck drivers can socialize, chat and share experience with other truck drivers.



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