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Best Truck Stops in USA – Top 10 Locations for Truckers

If there is anything in trucking industry that you could call traditional, it’s the US roadside stops. They are serving drivers for more than 60 years. Indeed, you will see here that the best American truck stops started their businesses in the first half of 20th century.

During that time, truck stops have became so much more than places for refueling.They are constantly evolving to match the truckers needs. However, times when truck stops were exclusively to long haul drivers are gone. They welcome everyone now, although drivers do get special discounts.

But first things first. What do we like about truck stops?

Well, the gas prices are generally lower, retail stores are also special and there is always some sort of entertainment.

But, the real thing is the feeling that you are not alone on the road. A trucker should be constantly reminded of that.

Finally, much needed shower and bed usually comes in affordable prices for truck drivers.

Know that a truck stop can make a difference between fine and ruined road trip. Therefore, a trucker should know what to expect from his rest stops.



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