8 Things To Do To Prevent Truck Drivers Leaving Your Company

Are truck drivers leaving your company? There are companies that experience with truck drivers leaving their companies.

Notably, it is a problem number one in the trucking industry. If you have the chance to ask trucking company owners about this matter you will be surprised by their answers.

Generally speaking, there are two in three trucking companies that face with drivers who leave their companies.

Have you ever questioned yourself why is that?

To emphasize, it is not the company’s trucks, or the equipment but the truck drivers.

Truck Drivers Leaving Your Company – Why Is That?

To continue with, there are reasons for truckers leaving companies. There must be one or more since the matter is converting into a problem for trucking businesses.

Regarding this matter, it could be their decision to start driving as owner-operators since they will make more profit that way.

Continually, this is what professional truck drivers or the experienced drivers would normally do.

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To put it in a different way, they would gain experience over the years and then use it for their own cause.

Correspondingly, they feel that they know the trucking business well and they can make more profit on their own.

And there you have it, the number one problem why are truck drivers leaving your company.

Source:  www.vice.com

Having said this, there is probably something else which they are not content with.

However, there is something you can do in order to keep them.

They are the ones that you need to have as your No. 1 priority.

Source: www.vice.com

In addition to this, it is not only your contribution but they are contributing to your trucking business as well.

Probably more than you think.

As every business is gaining customers or clients with strategy, you need to make one for keeping truck drivers from leaving your company.

1. Be Always Honest with Them

You know what they say, honesty is key to a perfect relationship. In this case, it is the key to keep the driver-owner relationship in the best terms possible.

The importance of honesty with your truck drivers means a lot. Not only for your mutual relationship but for the progress of your trucking business as well.

Why am I advising you to do this?

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For example, if you are honest with the company’s financial status, with a particular finance problem or other strategies they will appreciate it.

More importantly, they will start appreciating you more as their boss and as a person as well.

Correspondingly, drivers will appreciate the company too which is one-way stopping truck drivers leaving your company.

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To continue with, after appreciation comes trust. In the end, they will start to feel more comfortable in your company.


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Moreover, they will start making suggestions about the company’s progress which eventually is another plus to the company’s success.

In the end, the honesty, in particular, is one way to prevent truck drivers leaving your company.

2. Prepare Vacation Budget for Them

Some companies would say that the truck drivers are paid enough in order to get vacation budget from their own salaries.

Whether this is true or not, implementing this offer in your plan will definitely stop truck drivers leaving your company.

To be honest, this is one of the most important plans that a company owner needs to think of and review.

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In particular, there are several ways in which vacation budget can be implemented.

  • Dedicating $50 to the special budget released once a truck driver decides to go on vacation
  • 1% gross revenue which driver makes
  • Prearranged trip contracts with travel agencies for your truck drivers

The above-mentioned plan is only a suggestion how actually other trucking companies do.

Source: www.landcruisingadventure.com

In addition, you could change yours if you want and in your own terms.

However, it will definitely prevent truck drivers leaving your company and probably make a second home from your company.

Whichever way it is, it is definitely helpful for your trucking business.

3. Treat Your Truck Drivers as Family (Birthdays and Work Anniversaries Celebrations)

There are disciplined truck drivers that are doing their best in order to be top truck drivers in your business.

Furthermore, they will cope with the FMCSA, SAFER, TSA, BBB or DMV regulations but still, they feel that they are not accepted.

The reason for this?


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Company owners need to respect their truck drivers for what they are and more importantly, what they do to create progress in the company.

There are those types of truck drivers which will put their life and health in order to make progress in the trucking business.

Sometimes, they will even try more than the other employees in your family trucking business.

To be honest, these truck drivers are keepers.

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Treating your truck drivers right is always crucial for the harmony of the company and more importantly, the success of the company.

Regarding this, you need to be careful with how you treat your truck drivers because you might face with truck drivers leaving your company.

However, you can do this with creating an agreement with health insurance companies.

For instance, you could ask for discounts and compromise the health insurance and make it possible for your drivers.

4. Reward Them With a Free Healthy Lunch Once a Week

In addition to the previous paragraph, a company owner needs to reward their truck drivers.

Having said this, it does not need to be a free lunch, it could be anything that you feel will make them value more.

In the end of the day, you will not make them value you more if you are not willing to reward them.

The only thing to avoid rewards or treating them well will result in the truck drivers leaving your company.



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