The Real Trucking Experience of One Owner Operator


Trucking experience will show you what freedom and independence is. Many people, man, and women start this job for these two reasons, but also because of the great payment they will receiver.

This job has a lot of benefits, lots of good sides. On the other hand, there are some bad sides as well. On-Time delivery is one of the most stressful moments in this career.


Today, with the new technology and the mobile applications, trucking experience has become much more fun. In fact, it is much safer than before. Truckers are always in contact with the dispatch nowadays, as well as with their family.

Surely, this makes things easier and at the same time truck drivers can deal with loneliness way better than before. Otherwise, if there would not be tablets or cellphones, truckers would have a lot of time on their hands to think.


And, this is not particularly good, because mind drifting can mean you are less focused on the road and delivering of the goods. Of course, less focused on the road means bigger chances of accidents.


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Working in this industry can be very exciting. But, as any other job, it does have some bad sides. Anyways, being able to get this trucking experience can be life changing. Of course, life changing in a positive way.

What is Owner – Operator

You must wonder what does owner – operator means? Do you work for a specific company or not? Do you need to make sure you do the contacts with the companies where you need to deliver? Let’s answer it all!


When you decide you want to start with your trucking experience, you have two options. Firstly, you can work for a company, as an employee of a certain company, or you can work as owner – operator.

Surely, most truckers start their career by working for a company. But, there is the option of working as owner – operator; a lot of truckers shift to later on when they get more experience.


So, what exactly is owner – operator?

Owner – Operators are those truckers who own as well as operate their own trucking business.  Sometimes they lease on to a carrier. But, if they want they can operate under their own authority.

If they decide they want to operate under their own authority they will have to be registered as a carrier. So, what they will need to do is to get an identification number from the Department of Transportation (DOT) and Motor Carrier (MC).


Usually, after a long trucking experience, truckers want something more from their job. So, it is then when they decide to become owner – operator. There are few things that are crucial for you to do or take into consideration before starting this:

  1. Any owner-operator is free to haul freelance (which means with no permanent contract, to deliver goods to companies)
  2. Any owner – operator is free to enter into a lease agreement with a company so they can dedicate their equipment to one customer or product.
  3. Make sure you are aware that an owner-operator usually has to pay higher rates on trucking insurance. This is due to the fact that, they are smaller size than most larger companies, meaning they have to charge more to balance the cost
  4. Another crucial thing to consider before becoming an owner-operator is the business set up, accounting, type of vehicle and truck drivers licences needed

Nowadays, there are roughly 350,000 owner-operators registered in the United States. However, most of them do lease on to larger carriers. And, they operate under that DOT number.

Down below there are some facts about working as owner – operator which you might find useful. Especially if you are considering to start working as owner -operator.

  1. Owner – operators are more often Truck load carriers (TL);
  2. Their trucking experience is usually over 25 years;
  3. The average age for becoming an owner – operator is 37 years old;
  4. Most owner – operators have finished high school – 86%;
  5. However, around 45% are attending college;
  6. 95% of owner – operators run solo;
  7. Their income is roughly $50,000+ per year;
  8. In average they drive over 101,000 miles a year;
  9. 69% of them do own a desktop computer, a laptop computer, or even both;
  10. Usually, they own 1.2 trucks and 1.2 trailers;
  11. The most common trailers for owner – operators are Dry Van trailers and Flatbed;
  12. Their biggest problems with the truck were tire and engine issues;
  13. They spend in average $14,000 per year for maintenance of the truck;
  14. A high percentage of 36% of them have served in the military at some point;

Owner – Operator Explains First Hand


There are several truckers that became famous by giving interviews regarding their job and duties. We have selected one person in particular.

His name is Peter Pekala. He explains realistically how owner operator job looks on a daily basis.

His motto is ‘have a good attitude’. According to him this is what it takes to be a good owner – operator.


For Peter, managing the costs is crucial for managing the business. Which means fuel management. So, what he does it to use a company fuel card. And this way he gets the volume discount. Also, he takes advantage of company’s program for his insurance and the workmen’s compensation.

His attitude is to find business partners that work good and treat you good and you do the same towards them.

Peter Pekala immigrated to the United States as a very young man. He did not know anybody and did not have any occupation at the time. But, today he owns his small rewarding business.


Pekala left his home in Poland back in 1983. He was 22 year old medical student. Even back then he loved cars and motorcycles.



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