10 Best Companies To Find Dedicated Trucking Jobs


Dedicated trucking jobs might just be the best way to start your trucking career.

There are many different ways to trucking. From regional to long-hauling, from a dry van and specialized to dedicated trucking. One of the best and most comfortable trucking jobs are the dedicated trucking jobs.

Many companies offer dedicated trucking jobs, because there are many shippers that constantly need the same route. On the other hand, there are many drivers that are searching for dedicated trucking jobs because of the constant and planned schedule.

What is Dedicated Truck Driving?

Dedicated truck driving is when one trucking company is operating the same route regularly for the same company. Usually, it is done by the same driver.

Dedicated trucking jobs are one of the best jobs when it comes to planned and regular working hours. Working as a dedicated trucker will allow you to have regular hours at work. Furthermore, you will deal with the same company and most probably the same people all the time.

Source: www.allwidewallpapers.com
Source: www.allwidewallpapers.com

One of your responsibilities would be to pick up a load from a designated location. Additionally, you might be asked to load the truck with the goods. Once you have your truck loaded, you drive to the dedicated customer.

Usually, you will be driving the same route all the time. If you need to deliver goods every day or few times a week, it will always be the same route for the same company. This will allow you to have a more comfortable schedule and a more balanced life.

Depending on where you live you can search for companies that are closest to you. For example, if you live in New Jersey or Florida it would be better if you search one company there.

What is a Dedicated Truck Driver?

A dedicated truck driver is a person who drives the same route to the same customer. Most commonly, same days of the week at the same time, or even every day.

A lot of truck drivers want to work in dedicated trucking jobs because of the next few reasons:

  • Planned working hours;
  • Planned load and destination;
  • Planned route;

Many people do enjoy the routine working lifestyle. Because dedicated trucking jobs offer this, it is one of the most demanded in the industry.

Source: www.flexitrans.co.uk
Source: www.flexitrans.co.uk

Importance of Dedicated Truck Services

You probably ask yourself, why are dedicated truck services important at all?

And the explanation is very simple! One word can describe it the best! And that is Reliability!

Dedicated truck services are all about reliability. And that is very much appreciated by the trucking industry. Delivery on time means everything to the customers.

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Dedicated truck services have a bigger rate of timely delivery because of many factors. Firstly, drivers usually know the route very well. Thus, it is easier for them to predict the time and the situations that could slow him down and prevent him from delivering on time.

Secondly, they know exactly what they need to do, how much and what to unload and where exactly. And thirdly, they know the customer very well, since the same driver will be delivering the same loads each time.

And this makes it more comfortable for the customers because of the personal relationship with the shippers.

10 Best Companies to Find Dedicated Trucking Jobs

There are many companies out there that offer dedicated trucking jobs. I have found ten, which, in my opinion, is outstanding. Anyways, you can always make a research and choose from those that fit you the best.

We have chosen them by the criteria of best driving conditions and best revenues on the market. Which means, the best paying trucking companies in the USA.

1. Ruan

The company was founded by John Ruan in the 30s with only one truck and one load. His first shipping was on 4th of July, 1932 and the load was gravel. He was only 17 years old when he started this career. By the age of 19, he already had a fleet of dozen trucks.

Source: www.hanktrucksforum.com
Source: www.hanktrucksforum.com

His motivation for success brought him where he is today. Ruan offers a different type of driving jobs amongst which dedicated trucking jobs as well.
Currently, they operate 3,950 power units and 7,500 trailers. Furthermore, they employ 5,600 team members.

2. Dedicated Logistics

Dedicated Logistics was founded in 1995 by CEO Tom Wintz. The founder has big experience in the trucking industry. So, as the name suggests, Dedicated Logistics offers dedicated trucking jobs. Its main focus is dedicated fleet services.

They provide dedicated fleet services with advanced technology. They use Real-time fleet tracking which is mapped to suit KPI’s.

Source: www.metroforensics.blogspot.mk
Source: www.metroforensics.blogspot.mk

They are affiliated with Total Logistics, and together they offer end-to-end transportation. In addition, they are an award winning company. Some of them are:

  • GM supplier of the year
  • Minnesota Trucking Association Fleet Safety
  • Schneider Logistics career of the year

3. Paper transport

Paper transport started back in February 1990. The two founders Lennie Shefchik and Roger Grimsley. Their first loads went out from Wisconsin. Today the company has around 600 drivers.

Paper Transport offers dedicated trucking jobs since they operate dedicated trucking services. However, they also provide regional, local and intermodal solutions.

Paper transport operates in Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, Minnesota, Texas, Illinois, Oklahoma, Florida, and Georgia.

Source: www.papertransport.com
Source: www.papertransport.com

The company started with three trucks and grew into a company of over 100 trucks in 2001 and 140 trucks today.

As they say, the key reason for their growth was their 99% on time delivery. And we all know how important and appreciated this is by the customers.

Moreover, Paper Transport has services in Oklahoma, Texas, and Florida.

4. P & S Transportation

P & S Transportation is relatively new company but yet it is a successful one.

It was founded by Robbie Pike and Scott Smith back in 2004. They started off with 35 trailers but also had 20 owner-operators. Their focus was and remained in the flatbed industry.



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