Refrigerated Transportation – Summer Issues and Over The Year Challenges


The freight shipping method that is focused on the transportation of products and foods with temperature controlled trailers is called refrigerated trucking. Well, refrigerated transportation is essential and crucial for the food supply chain, and as such it requires a great deal of care.

Nowadays, there are over 35 million container loads of refrigerated products being shipped on a yearly basis all over the world.

Thereupon, refrigerated transportation is performed by a specially designed trailer that has a built-in refrigeration system. This refrigeration system is built in the trailer with the aim to keep all products and loads in their pre-shipped condition. These days refrigerated transportation is considered to be the most common type of temperature controlled transportation.

Hence, reefer truck drivers these days are facing the biggest issue, which is maintaining the proper temperature in order for the shipment to arrive at the final destination in a good condition and on time during these summer days.



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