How Much Do Truck Drivers Make By State?


Do you ever wonder how much do truck drivers make by state? Can you guess how much do truck drivers make by state?

I bet you never would.

More importantly, you will be surprised at some states’ truck driver salary.

Generally speaking, there is a significant difference in how much do truck drivers make by state.

How Much Do Truck Drivers Make By State: Truck Driver’s Dilemma

The trucking industry is a complex one. There are multiple truck driving occupations which are differently paid.

Additionally, there is a lot of information gathered on this matter on the online reporting websites like Truckers Report, Trucker Planet, Truckers News etc.

The fact is that every truck driver before going into an occupation they are informing their self.

In addition to this, whether it is class 8 truck driving or tow trucking, they gather information first.

Besides this, the experience is a different point of view. To put it in a different way, the new truck drivers accept the trucking challenges and then they compare different salaries.

Furthermore, with the future trends in the trucking industry, and the goods demand, the trucking business is in need of truck drivers.


However, the truck drivers are in doubt when it comes to salaries and the annual, monthly or yearly payments.

The question is: Why is this happening?

The answer is quite simple.


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There is an average truck driver pay in different states. And there the hesitation of the truck drivers appears.

They ask themselves the following:

What Is The Average Truck Driver Pay

As shown above, due to the various occupations and the economy in states, there is a difference in how much do truck drivers make by state.

Additionally, there are thousands of trucking companies across America and according to CNN, they all offer different salaries.

In particular, there are the highest paying trucking companies and there are trucking companies offering paid driver training.

Generally speaking, the second type of trucking company might offer lower salary due to the paid truck driver’s training.


But how much do truck drivers make by state in different trucking companies?

There are those companies which consider truck driver’s pay as one of their priorities. Notably, these are the highest paying truck driving companies:

Notably, all of these companies are based in different states. Due to this matter, the answer on how much do truck drivers make by state varies in salaries.

However, according to CNN, there is a significant rise in the truck driver’s salary. Believe it or not, the rise varies between 8 to 12% over the recent years.

Moreover, this statement makes the trucking industry as one of the most progressive regarding the economy.


Besides this, it is believed that the truck drivers are not quite relating to this. It seems that they are focusing only on how much do truck drivers make by state.

Still, the trucking business is considered among the unique professions in the United States.

This is due to the companies raising truck driver salaries, always opening new positions as well as offering benefits.

According to American Trucking Association (ATA), the trucking industry is one of the biggest employers with 3,5 billion employees.

How Is Determined How Much Do Truck Drivers Make By State?

To demonstrate, the truck driving salaries vary. Besides the above-mentioned facts, these variations also depend on the following:

All of the above-mentioned factors play a highly significant role in the US Department of Energy and Fuel Economy.


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there are 1,8 million trailers and heavy duty drivers since 2014.

Notably, there is an assumption that this number will continue to rise in the next decade with a number of 100,000 new positions.

But which answer is the most considered when it comes to how much do truck drivers make by state?

More importantly, which is the most advantageous state for the truck drivers?


If you have an opportunity to visit or you will be able to see the wide range of trucking opportunities.

Generally speaking, these are the best places to find flatbed trucking jobs, reefer trucking jobs etc.

Looking for the truck driving jobs, and in comparison, you are able to find out how much truck drivers make by state.

How Much Do Truck Drivers Make By State?

In comparison to other countries, America is considered as the country with truck driving as the most common profession.

To put in another way, there are billions of truck drivers across America. In particular, they are widespread at every city in every state.

Correspondingly, for some of them matters how much do truck drivers make by state.

Some truck drivers do not even mind whether they will drive cheap dump truck rental, auxiliary fuel tank, or flatbed trailer rentals.


Furthermore, they want to know which drivers have it the best. Moreover, they want to have the best opportunity they can take.

For this reason, there are those who would long haul and leave their family in order to receive a bigger driver salary.

With regards to this, I did the math in order to figure out how much do truck drivers make by state.

Continually, through my research I discovered which are the states that offer truck drivers the best opportunities.


I must admit, there is a drastic difference in how much do truck drivers make by state.

On the subject of this, there are trucking companies which would make the best food truck business plan or take you to free driving schools.



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