Specialized Transportation: Everything You Have To Know


When I think about specialized transportation, I get to think about the myriad ways that have been developed for load transportation. Even the conventional load transportation with Class 8 truck requires a high level of coordination, experience as well as organization. On the other hand, the specialized transportation is way more complex.


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Thereupon, I have dedicated this article to revealing all details about specialized transportation; you will have the chance to read everything that you have to know about each type of specialized transportation.

As the backbone of U.S. economy, the trucking industry is helping many other industries. Still, there are some combinations that the trucking industry is making in order to keep all customers satisfied, those combinations include the use of ships and railroads.

So, start reading this article and find out everything that you need to know about specialized transportation!

What Is Specialized Transportation

Specialized transportation is way more beyond just a simple process of load transportation. In fact, specialized transportation is more like a business philosophy, a philosophy that more and more trucking companies are implementing these days.

By implementing new types of specialized transportation, trucking companies meet bigger challenges, but as well that way they are attracting new loyal customers.  A successful trucking company is the one that is always flexible, and ready to provide every type of specialized transportation to their existing, and their potential clients.

When speaking about specialized transportation, I would like to put the attention more on truck drivers. Truck drivers that want to start a career as a specialized trucker will have to know that besides obtaining Class A CDL drivers license, they will also have to obtain adequate endorsements. The type of endorsement that the truck driver will have to obtain, depends on the type of specialized transportation that he wants to join.

Source: www.aggman.com
Source: www.aggman.com

Henceforth, specialized trucking is attracting more truck drivers than the conventional type of trucking is, because with the specialized trucking they get the chance to earn more money.

But still,  not every truck driver can fit in the specialized transportation. Being a truck driver for any kind of specialized transportation requires a lot of experience, continual training, as well as education.

That is why many trucking companies before the selection period, that is to say before hiring the new truck driver for a particular type of specialized transportation, are giving them test period. During this test period, truck drivers that want to start a different trucking career have the chance to show their abilities.

So, now let’s turn the focus on the types of specialized transportation!

Types Of Specialized Transportation

At the very beginnings, the trucking industry was witnessing only two types of load transportation, which were the flatbed and dry van means of transportation. But as the time was going by, new inventions and implementation of new technologies allowed the development and manufacturing of specialized trucks and trailers.

To be sincere, these days if a trucking company wants to be ranked among the best it has to provide a wide choice of services for their clients. The trucking industry is serving almost all other industries in the USA, starting from the food industry up to the construction industry.

So, all these industries have different requests and needs. In that direction, the best that trucking companies can do is to get a diverse fleet of trucks, trailers, and experienced truck drivers.

Source: www.techcrunch.com
Source: www.techcrunch.com

Thereupon, the most frequently used specialized transportation methods in USA are the following ones:

  • Flatbed and drop deck;
  • Dry bulk;
  • Car transportation;
  • Hazmat transportation;
  • Load combination vehicles;

In this day and age, if you find yourself in the position of a customer that has large, heavy, and odd shaped loads, then you won’t have to worry about anything. You can simply search for one of the best nationwide trucking companies, and by doing so you will find out which company can be the perfect fit for you. All best nationwide trucking companies are equipped to handle the needs of their customers.

Since I’m speaking about the process of finding the best specialized trucking company, I would like to add up a simple advice for all of you out there who are looking for one: Always look and pay attention to details, for time-efficient and accurate delivery service.

1. Car Transportation

Car transportation or car shipping, has seen its beginning since car manufacturing took place. Thereupon, car manufacturers were in need of transporting their cars, from state to state, that is when the trucking companies saw the light at the end of the tunnel and began making a lot of money.

Did you know that car transportation is, in fact, one of the most dedicated types of trucking, which can bring you big profit?

Well, nowadays trucking companies are making more money than before.

Speaking of car haulers, I must mention that they are just a small part of the trucking industry, but still they are growing and reaching the market.

Source: www.mattsmoving.com
Source: www.mattsmoving.com

Hence, three of the most successful driven car transportation trucking companies in the USA, are the following:

  1. United Road;
  2. Jack Cooper Transport Inc.;
  3. Cassens Transport Co.;

What made these car transportation trucking companies successful, is the quality services that they are offering to their clients. The core of every top ranked car transportation company are their drivers.

In order for a car-hauler driver to operate in a safe and time-efficient manner, he has to be comfortable with technology, as well he shall have spatial skills, and last but not least, he shall be the agile climber.

Yet, one more thing that car-hauler drivers must have is a diplomacy which they might have the need of in exceptional circumstances.


Furthermore, the advanced technology and the reliable cloud-based IT capabilities, have also contributed in a great measure to the success of car transportation trucking companies these days. The advanced technology that car-hauling drivers are using allows their customers to know virtually what is the exact location of their cars.



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