Discover 50 Best Warehouse Companies in Central United States

Discover 50 Best Warehouse Companies in Central United States


Warehouse Companies in Central United States come in all sizes and shapes. They can offer you a wide variety of support services.

Warehouse Companies in Central United States might offer:


So, that is just a sampling of what many of the Warehouse Companies in Central United States can offer as support to your organization.

Hence, Middle America takes up a lot of land and everyone has a different definition for what is central or mid America. Some say it’s the middle (duh).

Well, going with the generic answer of the middle here is a list of some, but not all, of the Warehouse Companies in Central United States.

You might have found other you prefer or have heard about other companies. If so share those in the comments.


As always, my tip to you is to do a good research of a company, before doing business with them!

Check all the resources out there on net, check with some trucker forums; trucker unions and associations… do whatever it takes before deciding to conduct business with any of them!

But, with it being such a big list, let’s jump in some of the many Warehouse Companies in Central United States.

1. Caruso Logistics 

Caruso Logistics is based in Cincinnati, Ohio and have food grade distribution centers various location, such as, in Cincinnati, OH and Ephrata, PA.  This allows them to support their customers in any part of their twelve state regions.

Go see why they are one of the recognizable warehouse companies in Central United States.


Their business model consists of four core competencies including:

  • Refrigerated transportation;
  • Food grade, refrigerated and ambient warehousing;
  • Customer integration via technology;
  • Repacking and fulfillment.

2. Champion Logistics Group 

Since 1980, Champion Logistics Group is known as compete service logistics provider. They offer three main areas of focus including: warehousing, international freight forwarding and of course full service domestic support.


Additionally they offer services to support the retail/display and trade show industries.

Champion’s infrastructure, experience, technology services and more importantly their long years of experience, result with effective ways of handling global supply chain solutions.

Whatever your needs might be, when you are looking for some of the best warehouse companies in Central United States, you should definitely check out Champion!

3. Clark Logistic Services

Clark Logistic Services (CLS) is another great example of the many warehouse companies in Central United States.

They are a third party logistics provider offering the highest degree of support solutions. Additionally they are located in such a way to better support your needs through their proximity to railways, major roadways, and airports.


The years of experience together with the services that they are offering, makes Clark Logistic Services the best partner for your third party logistics needs.

4. Common Wealth Inc. 

Common Wealth Inc. is also a great third party logistic services provider. They are located in Cincinnati, Ohio.

This gives them a great centralized location to better support their customers regardless which coast they are from. They offer many services but specialize in offering the best in public warehousing and contract warehousing solutions.


If you need warehouse companies in central United States, think no further and give a try to Common Wealth!

5. Continental Warehouse 

Back in 1974 George Noyes opened up Continental Warehouse in Burlington, California. This was conveniently located near the San Francisco Airport.

From this humble beginning of a phone and card table they have grown to 400,000 square feet of space to support your needs.


They now offer services as one of the full service warehouse companies in central United States, with their Rockford, Illinois location.

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6. DM Fulfillment 

DM Fulfillment offers a full range of support services making them one of the more popular warehouse companies in central United States.

They proudly offer the best in customer service with their distribution and fulfillment solutions.

Source: Youtobe
Source: Youtobe

DM Fulfillment supports all your needs regardless if you’re one of the product marketers or the manufacturers. Rest assured you get the best service possible!

7. Distribution Alternatives 

When it comes to warehouse companies in central United States, Distribution Alternatives are truly the alternative to the competition.

They are a full service third-party logistics company that offers complete distribution and fulfillment services.


So no matter what is that your supply chain needs, Distribution Alternatives has a solution for you. This includes, retail fulfillment, logistics services, direct-to-consumer / e-commerce, EDI Services, and so much more.

8. Faure` Brothers Companies

Faure` Brothers Companies has been a family owned and family operated business for almost 96 years.

As one of the best warehouse companies in Central United States, they offer a wide variety of outstanding support to better enhance your needs.


Their facilities currently offer a combined 1,000,000 square feet of space! They pride themselves in offering the highest of standards to better meet your warehousing and logistics needs.

9. Federal Logistics 

Starting as an agent for Allied Van Lines in 1928, Federal Logistics has grown to become one of the many strong warehouse companies in central United States.


When it comes to logistical and distribution needs you can rest assured that Federal have you covered!

They are fully insured and licensed, making them ready to support your operation.


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10. First Logistics Management Services

Even do they are one of the younger warehouse companies in central United States, First fleet Management Services is more than capable to handle all your business!


They were founded in 2003 offering warehouse support services capable to handle your containers, truckloads, small parcels and LTL’s, slip sheets, flat beds, fulfillment, and other related functions.



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