Top 10 Trucking Companies In Missouri

Top 10 Trucking Companies In Missouri

Well, today is the day when we will cover the “Show Me State”, and speak about the top 10 trucking companies in Missouri.

The first truck to ever travel coast to coast did so in 1916! It might not have been from a company based in Missouri but the state does have a proud history of being the crossroads of America and American history.

Fortunately, times have changed from the earliest adventurers such as Daniel Boone or Lewis and Clark, back when they had to carve their own trails to the westward expansion, hence the creation of the Gateway Arch.

As times progressed the routes and roads improved and the famous Route 66 was created, but as time passed it was replaced by better options.


Interstate 70, which runs almost the length of the country, cuts Missouri in half. Everything is either north or south of the highway, even the landscape changes from flat farmland in the north to the Ozark Mountains in the south.

Missouri has two major cities at its borders, Kansas City on the western edge and St. Louis on the East, with 240 miles (386 km) of highway in between.

In fact Missouri:

  • Has over 32,318 miles of roads crisscrossing the state;
  • Has 17 routes that are designated as “interstate roads” running almost 1,180 miles;
  • Interstate highways (only 4 percent of the roads) handle 38 percent of its road traffic.

The main Highways which run through the State are:

  • I-70 – As mentioned runs east to west from the Illinois border to the Kansas Border.
  • I-29 and I-35 – Cut through the northern-western corner of the state;
  • I-44 – Is a key corridor running from St. Louis down to Oklahoma;
  • I-55 – Follows the eastern edge of the state from Arkansas to St. Louis.

Of course, there are numerous other routes, both state, and interstate. Not to mention all the country roads. But the ones listed above are the main veins of Missouri.

These roads allow the transportation of goods and services from one side of the nation to get to the other. If you are planning on running Missouri roads you might want to look at the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT).

On their site, they offer some great information regarding the weights, permits, and other requirements and regulations for Missouri.

So without delay, to not bore you with all these details about Missouri, let me go back to the list that I’ve put together with trucking companies in Missouri. Hope you find it helpful!

10. Tomlin Trucking and Brokerage

Tomlin Trucking and Brokerage are experienced and competitive trucking company that offers distribution solutions and freight broker services to industries and businesses.

They mainly operate with van loads, reefer loads, and flatbed loads, but in addition to the services with their own fleet of trucks that they offer, as a freight brokers company, they can easily arrange you a service from over 3,000 other trucking companies nationwide.


Being somewhere on top of the list of best trucking companies in Missouri, it’s not just a challenge, its honor as well.

They just simply know how to respond to customers’ needs always on time, while meeting the tight budgets and delivery schedules that customers have.

The company was founded back in 1973 under the name “Gene R. Tomlin Trucking“. Back then they had only two trucks that were moving freight between Midwest and South Texas.


Since then the company grew to have 24 trucks and increased number of customers that was seeking for freight carriers to move their freight. That is when they began to serve their customers as a freight broker company as well (in 1995) to be precise and two years later in 1997 they’ve become Tomlin Trucking and Brokerage, Incorporated.

They mainly serve the steel and aluminum industry, but they are big on used clothing industry too!

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Today they have four offices from where they keep serving their customers with the same enthusiasm and dedication as they did back in 1973. Whether you are a shipper or a trucker they will gladly do business with you!

Tomlin Trucking is based in Hayti Missouri.

9. Witte Bros Exchange Inc.

This company as one of the best trucking companies in Missouri, is yet another company with a long history of tradition and a wide range of services.

They’ve started operating over sixty years ago, primary because they sew the need of the local farmers for a timely and efficient transport of livestock and feed.


Since then a lot of things changed in Witte Bros Exchange, but all for good! Two things never changed and that is the outstanding customer service that Wittes’ customers are receiving and the attention to detail.

1978 is the year when the company transited into the refrigerated food market, working as refrigerated tracking company. This step gets them in the front –runner position.

15 years later, the Wittes’ management realized that the market is in need of efficient and timely manner for carriers to carry less then load (LTL), so they’ve transitioned and in 1992 they’ve created a program to carry LTL refrigerated freight.


As we all know the trucking industry standards and needs are frequently changing, therefore the trucking companies have to constantly change as well. The Witte Bros. in order to meet the ever-changing standards once again has undergone through changes and had recently designed consolidation model that is servicing each and every sector of their customers’ database.

Nowadays they have refined fleet, computerized logistical and distribution technology, and on the top of that, they have as well a beautiful state-of-the-art warehouse facility, always ready to meet each and every customer need.


They offer:

  • Nationwide truckload service (refrigerated and dry);
  • Full-Service cold storage facilities;
  • Custom Refrigerated LTL distribution programs.


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They are members of the Missouri Trucking Association (MOTA) and American Trucking Association (ATA).

Witte Bros is based in Troy Missouri.



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