Top 10 Trucking Companies In North Carolina


What to expect from a company among the best trucking companies in North Carolina? Further, what makes the trucking companies in North Carolina successful?

What do these companies CEOs and employees do? Are they respecting everything about the crucial employee-employer relationship in particular?

Having a reliable and professional CEO matters but what matters much more is his tolerance and relationship with the employees. A good employee-employer relationship creates a great work ethic and even greater company.

The Best From The Rest Trucking Companies In North Carolina

Trucking is one of the most successful business in the whole world. However, it takes some strategies in order to keep it that way. Having said this, trucking companies can easy fall from the marketplace.

First, you need to know your expenses. Moreover, this includes getting a quality equipment in order for truck drivers to provide unique service.

In addition, you need to save money on fuel and that can be easily made with the help of the smart fuel cap. Thus, you can save yourself from theft and manage your cash flow.

Second, by tracking your expenses, you need to plan your earnings. Exactly how profitable is the trucking business? Hence, you need to protect yourself from cargo theft as well.

A great trucking businessman is the one that takes care of everything. Correspondingly, there are tools that might help you to run the business.

10. Inman Trucking, Inc  

Since 1979, Inman Trucking, Inc has one mission only and that is to provide reliable and quality transportation of goods. Their team of drivers provides a cost-effective freight transportation.

Headquartered in Leland, NC, Inman trucking has a flexible and a responsible team which gives 100% of their knowledge. I think that is why they became a leader in the climate-controlled, long haul business in the first place.


Further, treating their employees and customers with integrity shows the reason why they are great in achieving their mission.

Speaking about this, what actually makes them great is that the bosses are treating their employees with respect and gratitude for their success. More importantly, every success of an employee leads to the success of the company.

According to SAFER, the rating of the company is satisfactory with 0 recordable crashes in the past 24 months.Therefore, working for this one from the numerous trucking companies in North Carolina would be more than a privilege.

Their services come from a single person or in a pair, meaning they have single and team truck drivers. They are striving to provide even better service with their team drivers. Hence, they value the teamwork and believe in providing better solutions in groups.

9. Marten Transport, Ltd

Sometimes, what makes a really great company is the one that cares for his employees and Marten Transport, Ltd is definitely one of them. Similarly, the employees care about their employees to care about them.

Why is important to have CEO’s that care about their employees?


Additionally, it is what motivates employees to give their best at the job. A respected employee uses and gives 100% of his skills, knowledge, and experience. More importantly, cares about the company’s development and his as well.

70 years ago, Marten Transport began as a goal to form a company that is today. With only one truck back in 1946, now is an international company in North America, with over 3,670 altogether in 15 operation centers.

Furthermore, improvisation leads to success, right? Well, that is exactly what Marten Transport did. They have managed to keep their success with evolving in their services and improvising in order to discover what satisfies their customers.

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They have become a multi -provider for a variety of transportation services including:

  • OTR
  • Regional
  • Intermodal
  • Dedicated temperature-controlled truckload services
  • Services to and from Mexico
  • Brokerage solutions for customers

Their focus is on building the job character of their drivers and improve job satisfaction by leaving quality home time for their truckers.

8. Shaffer Trucking

Shaffer started back in 1937 and is specializing in a transportation of refrigerated items. Just like from the beginning, they are respecting every FMCSA rule.

It is known as the premier supplier for temperature transportation services. For over 75 years, their drivers are known as being the best on the highways.


In addition, they have been recognized by the National Transportation Institute as a top pay certified carrier. This is the exact reason why they pay their drivers the best.

Furthermore, being a debt-free company makes their whole team professionals. They appreciate the life of truck drivers and the sacrifice they make in order to provide excellent service on the highways.

They think that every hard working person should be rewarded. That is why they recognize and reward their truck drivers.

7. United Parcel Service

If anyone was looking for an impeccable employer-employee relationship then it can definitely be found in United Parcel Service. The employees deliver remarkable service and they receive a generous pay in return.

It is a company whose history starts from 1907 and continues to dazzle us today with their hugely expanded amazing services.


Additionally, they have been known for their chocolate brown trucks and truck drivers uniforms which made them receive a nickname “Brown”.

UPS are known as the largest employer of delivery truck drivers. However, all of these truck drivers are experienced and have extremely knowledgeable skills.


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They are known for their expanded service in a wide range of countries. For instance, they have customers in more than 220 countries worldwide which include more than 15 million package deliveries.

Their cargo deliveries include:

  • Air freight
  • LTL and truckload
  • Ocean freight
  • Critical freight

6. Best Cartage

Their road to becoming one of the best trucking companies in North Carolina has begun back in 1986, in Greensboro, NC. They started their operation with only two trucks having one truck driver for each truck.

Unlike the beginning of their career, Best Cartage now outnumbers the trucks with 300 trucks and 800 trailers. Speaking about this, it is a huge change when you compare it from the start.



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