5 Best Truck Driver Prayers You Can Find


What are truck driver prayers? Further, how are truck driver prayers helping truckers? Their occupation love and presumably, the second force is prayers.

It may sound strange and unfamiliar but there are millions of truckers around the world and there are things that motivate them. They are the heroes of our today and tomorrows but they also have fears.

Having said this, I could not stop but wonder: Why do we all pray?

Well, we pray for everything in life, we pray for luck, we pray for health and we pray for safety. All of these three wishes are wishes of truckers as well. In fact, all of these previously mentioned wishes describe theirs, the best.

With this in mind, they love what they do, they love to keep America moving and they are strong. On the other hand, besides their fierceness, they are not always certain what will expect them once they turn the wheel.

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Besides being one of the highest paying truck driving jobs it is also one of the most hazardous occupations. Knowing this, truckers still choose it as a profession, further they choose to contribute to America and the economy.

What really make trucking unsafe are the long routes, kinds of freight and dangerous roads, praying is a must. Not only the families of the trucker but the truckers and we all need to pray for the safety of the truck drivers.

With this in mind, it made me think, they are honestly risking their lives in order to make us happy. Generally speaking, it is the least a person can do in order to show them gratitude and respect for what they do.

Why Truckers Need Truck Driver Prayers?

To begin with, those solemn expressions in prayers are needed in order to calm truck drivers. In addition, the prayers are meant to give strength to truckers while they are on the road. Similarly, prayers give them faith in order to believe in good things and keep the bad thoughts away.

While there are those who pray for a new mobile phone, or a new dress this year, truck drivers are praying to make it safely. According to FMCSA, safety should be every trucker’s must.

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Additionally, the prayers are giving the truckers a kind of spiritual calmness for the unexpected, the unpredictable and inexperienced road expectations. It pushes them forward, and it gives them motivation in order to be able to manage things behind the wheel.

With the prayers, they are connected with their God. Saying the prayers to give him vigilance and make it safely on the open road from the starting point to the very end.

Moreover, together with the prayers, their faith in the good while excluding the bad makes their subconscious work. Thus and consequently, their mind is made to feel optimism as well.

Source: www.fantasticpixcool.com
Source: www.fantasticpixcool.com

Further, if one is optimistic it will keep things that way and will find every possible solution in order to make it right. Correspondingly the truck driver prayers are an additional help in order to stay focused on the road.

Furthermore, it gives them an incentive to be able to manage multiple things while driving and other truck driver responsibilities. Thereupon, truck drivers not only need their physical strength but they also need the spiritual one.

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Speaking about this, they are facing with over the road challenges each day. Even though there are truckers who after a while are starting to love their job, sometimes they meet certain difficulties.

The Curious Lifestyle of a Truck Driver

Granted that the life is hard enough as it is, not to mention how hard it is for a truck driver. Every family who has a truck driver in their circle knows what a trucker faces on a daily basis. However, they cannot know what is like to be on the road unless they experience it.

Truck drivers need truck driver prayers in order to get through the situations awaiting them on the road. Sometimes there are uncertainties like the stress and the working hours, as well as the days spent alone are making it hard for a trucker.

Source: www.etsy.com
Source: www.etsy.com

Thus, the prayers are spiritual motivation for him to keep moving forward. Alternatively, it stimulates a trucker to get through the whole day in particular.

A day in a trucker’s life includes many things such as safety, finding truck stop amenities etc. Even though the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), includes advanced technologies in order to improve the engine efficiency truckers need to be aware on the road.

Source: www.kokorosot.info
Source: www.kokorosot.info

To say it specifically only a trucker knows what kinds of challenges he faces each day. It is not easy to cope with the tough schedule, the meals, and sitting all day and driving but is manageable.

Although they are learning to make it into a habit, which later becomes into a lifestyle they somehow learn to love it in the end. Besides their growing love for their occupation sometimes in trucking life, things get rough.


Being a number one priority for trucking companies and their truck drivers, the first thing that comes to mind when saying truck driver prayers is safety.


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Every single trucker before hitting the road is praying to go everything well on the road. Even though a truck is always checked before the drive one can never know what might happen on the road.

Similarly, the road is unpredictable and according to SAFER, there are thousands of crashes being recorded each year. Therefore, they are addressing a solemn request every single time before hitting the roads.

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Source: www.ambersonlaw.net.jpg

Further, they need to respect the safety regulations, not because they need to cope with the rules of the Government but for their own sake. By the same token, their families as well as their employers, are a constant reminder for it.



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