Highest Paying Truck Driving Jobs – Ultimate Guide


What do truckers do in order to have one of the highest paying truck driving jobs? Do you ever wonder what the highest paying truck driving jobs are? Allow me to take you on the trucking journey…


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You may already know the fact that the life of a trucker is hard and dangerous yet adventurous. Moreover, each day of truck drivers is a new experience and has its own weight. Some days may be blue but there are those days you may never forget and memories you get for a lifetime.

Additionally, there is a wide list of opportunities in the trucking industry, and sometimes there are tough situations that come together with trucking. On the other hand, every trucker admits that is the most unusual experience they have had, in a beautiful kind of way.

What Are The Highest Paying Truck Driving Jobs?

Being involved in the trucking industry has advantages and disadvantages and all the profit that truck drivers make does not come easily. Due to the hard trucking occupation, there is a division between the average and highest paying truck driving jobs.


Along with the rise of the economy, the trucking industry has advanced and a rank list of highest paying truck driving jobs has appeared. For instance,

  • Local CDL Driver
  • Flatbed Truckers
  • OTR Truck Driver
  • Team Driving
  • Tank Truck
  • Car Haul Truckers
  • Dump Trucker in Mining Industry
  • Heavy-Load Truck Driving
  • Ice Road Trucker
  • Owner Operator

While there are certain groups of people who find trucking a bad idea, there are those who consider it the best decisions of their lives.

One thing is for certain – you will never know unless you try.

10. Local CDL

Although you might think that local driving is an easy job to do, think twice. A single day for a trucker is not simplistic in any kind of way, even for the local truck driver.

Local driving jobs are the best in so many ways. For example, you can make a stop whenever you want and anywhere you want on your route. Local driving is great because you are able to get back home once your route is finished.

Source: www.cttransportation.com
Source: www.cttransportation.com

According to DMV, the only requirement you need to possess in order to get this job is a CDL. In addition, it is a remarkable job to do and has a solid salary for a truck driver.

Compared with other trucking jobs in the list is the least paid, however, you may easily find a local job. The only thing to do is to search a terminal which is near your home.

It may be one of the easiest truck driving jobs but most certainly is one of the highest paying truck driving jobs. A local truck driver can get a solid salary of $55,000 per year.


9. Flatbed

If you are looking something more exciting in the trucking industry then flatbed truck driving might be the right profession for you. If you are considering flatbed truck driving as your next career move you may need to prepare yourself for a hard work yet rewarding.

Source: www.atsinc.com
Source: www.atsinc.com

In order to be involved in a flatbed carrier, there are certain specifics:

  • Stop deck
  • Drop deck
  • Covered wagon
  • Strapping
  • Chaining
  • Tarping

In addition, a flatbed trucker needs to maintain a good balance when climbing upon the loads. Furthermore, every truck driver who has worked with flatbed has claimed that it is more physical activity involved than any other trucking job. To put it differently, it is no job for a “lazy” truck driver to do.

Source: www.liggontransport.com
Source: www.liggontransport.com

There are summed up conclusions by truck drivers that driving flatbed trucks might even get you an annual salary of $60,000. On the contrary, there are some who claim that in some cases you can even get more than the regular over the road trucking.

However, these are rare cases and may be true only for truck drivers who have years and years of experience in this profession. Truck drivers who have already been involved in this occupation have claimed that flatbed is the most dangerous when compared to other trucking jobs.

One of the facts that makes it so hazardous is the chance of falling from the high load which might cause a serious accident. To sum it up, the description of flatbed trucking explains why it is placed in the highest paying truck driving jobs.

8. Over the Road (OTR) Truck Driver

If you have heard somewhere that truck driving is more a lifestyle than a job you now know that it is referring to OTR trucking. If you are prepared to hit the roads and you are passionate about truck driving, then this is the right occupation for you.

Source: www.go-cdl.com
Source: www.go-cdl.com

What makes an OTR trucking to be found among the highest paying truck driving jobs, is definitely the time of duty spent on the road. Days turning into months and months turn into years behind the wheel.

In some cases, you may be lucky and stay only for three weeks and then go home. However, it all depends on which trucking company you will be working.


Hey! I'm George J.Magoci and I will send you a FREE eBook where you can learn 12 secret steps how to make $950 more truck/month.

Free ebook

The long time away from home can become a habit or for some truckers a real problem. This is the revelation time of the trucker, whether he wants to continue with his long haul career or quit.

As you may know, a long haul trucker can spend months away from home. This particular referring explains the reason why some things cannot be considered on your own, especially with family. Therefore, you need to create a balance between highways and home and still earn a solid, annual $71,000.

Sounds fair enough?

7. Team Driving

Besides being one of the highest paying truck driving jobs, team driving may be among the easiest professions in the truck driving industry. Although you have responsibilities while being on the road, when the job is split in two, it is everything simpler to handle.



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