Highest Paying Truck Driving Jobs – Ultimate Guide

Moreover, while they are hitting highways with the thinnest, the whitest and the snowy ground base, they are carrying a heavy equipment as well. Similarly, the load makes it even harder for the trucker to move the truck which makes the driving much riskier.

In the worst case scenarios, the roads could be closed and the cargo would stay undelivered. Generally speaking, the truckers are risking their lives in order to transport goods and create better lives or a better economy. Thereupon, their annual salary of $125,000 or even higher in some cases is well deserved.


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There is also a reality TV show which describes how the life of a truck driver on an iced road looks like. What makes the ice road trucking much scarier is that they are driving on frozen lakes.

Moreover, they are driving on brutal temperatures which make all the work harder for the trucker. The field they are driving on is a thin ice and there are cases and possibilities where the ice can melt and leads to accidents.

Further, they are battling the unbearable, fierce storms in the freezing, deadly temperatures while their sense of urgency rises. Their ability to manage everything on the ice road, as well as their courage are pretty amazing which actually makes them real professionals.

I wonder, where does their fear go?

1.Owner Operator

An owner-operator is an individual who owns and operates its own trucking business. He, or she, is a self-employed truck driver who transports goods for his customers, either locally or regionally.

If they have their own authority, they must have DOT identifying number. Furthermore, according to FMCSA, the individual must identify it as a registered carrier.

Source: www.overdriveonline.com
Source: www.overdriveonline.com

Although people think there are some cons in this particular occupation, being an owner operator has huge benefits. Taking care of the things a company used to previously, for instance, paying IFTA taxes but freedom, on the other hand, has no price.

What can be more peaceful than having the things in your hand?

Being your own boss and playing by your own rules means that you can manage everything by yourself. You are not depending on anyone and you will be free like a bird.

More importantly, handling all of your expenses and incomes by yourself gives you an additional title as a businessman in the trucking industry. Correspondingly, an owner-operator can be anyone.

Further, it has been working as an owner operator for at least 18 years which in some way makes him a professional in the industry. And the most important part is, the owner operator makes an annual income of $141,000 to $182458.

It is a really tempting occupation, right?

Besides the above-mentioned, there are also other related careers that might interest you:


Although there are huge varieties of career options in the trucking industry for the skilled, professional drivers, they would not accept any trucking job.

Truckers may be experienced but they have certain requirements in their job difficulty just like any trucking company has. However, being as hard as it is, having a trucking job is really acceptable.

More importantly, you do not have anyone on your shoulder to put a pressure on you and more importantly, you get paid well. Additionally, with the perfect truck driver resume, you certainly will get the right job.

Brief advice: When choosing the right truck driving job, check the job requirements and the pay as well, and ask lots of questions.



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