5 Best Truck Driver Prayers You Can Find

Having said this, safety is not only in their prayers but also it is their duty to drive safely. This is the exact reason why each year the truckers are honored with truck driver awards for their contribution.

Source: www.snydertrucking.org

The greatest solemn request from the truckers is their safety and should always stay in the first place. Nevertheless, the unpredictable and the unknown cases can happen and sometimes it is not in your hands to save a situation.

With regards to this, these situations are called destiny. The fact is, you cannot always handle things and is not your call to do it. This is the same reason why truck driver prayers are motivating drivers on the highways.

Long Periods Away from Home

As only a trucker and his family would know, it is tough to cope with the days and months spent separated from the loved ones. Although every human needs a time for themselves to recharge batteries, sometimes even a day without seeing a family member can be hard.

The struggle for seeing a family face while being on the road is real. Even though it is beautiful that truckers meet new people each day and maybe make a friend, family love is different.

Source: www.injuredbytrucker.com
Source: www.injuredbytrucker.com

To emphasize, only a family can love you unconditionally and say truck driver prayers while you are not home. More importantly, they always have you in their thoughts.

On the other hand, the families of truckers have them always on their minds. They are constantly wondering whether they have made it to the next truck stop. Further, are they driving safely? With this in mind, they are asking themselves whether the next call they will receive will be from their loved ones or bad news.

Additionally, a long haul truck driver’s family not always has the chance to talk to them. Not to mention that they are unable to see them for months. Therefore, there is nothing left for them to do, except saying truck driver prayers.

Finding Good Truck Stop Amenities

Sometimes when on the road, you can see a trucker saying truck driver prayers out loud in order to find good truck stop amenities. With this in mind, the road and the public places are not the places where you can always stay calm.

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However, the truck stop amenities have improved over the years it is not always safe to spend a night everywhere. Concerning this, an additional problem might be the location of the truck stop. Further, the routes that truck drivers are hitting are not always familiar to them.

Even though with the technology improvement there are ways to find a good one. For example, there are applications like the fuel tool that show you information about the cheapest locations. Nonetheless, the faith of truckers in finding good truck stop amenities is sometimes brought to the lowest level.

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As shown above, roads are sometimes the enemies for truckers, even for the experienced truck drivers. Although always a number one priority, truck driving is not only about the safety of the truck drivers. In particular, according to OSHA, the safety of the freight matters as well.

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To put it another way, truck drivers are transporting all kinds of freight. For example, they are transferring flammable loads, they are transporting heavy loads and some are driving on a path of a frozen lakes.

The Long Highways

GHSA cares about the safety on the highways and not only for the truck drivers but every driver on the road. In addition, they have developed programs to improve the safety even on the longest highways. Moreover, they have SHSO members all over America.

Besides knowing that they are taken care of their safety the long, never ending highways are always unpredictable. This uncertainty makes truckers to be doubtful on the road and be concerned about how will their driving go.

Source: www.iisinstitute.com
Source: www.iisinstitute.com

For this reason, they are always saying their truck driver prayers. Thereupon, for some truck drivers, it is like a routine. Every single time before hitting the roads, they pray.

As shown above, the highways in the U.S. are with a quality and there are organizations that care about it. However, they are highways that are dangerous and scary and truckers may be skeptic about their safety and start worrying.

Source: www.css.history.com
Source: www.css.history.com

Moreover, they would count the miles until the next stop in order to take a good rest or take shower after the long day spent in the truck. Further, they would like to talk to their loved ones and tell them they are good, knowing that they are praying for their safety back home.


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Furthermore, they always feel like they are alone on the road, which is not the same case with team drivers. However, every trucker should know that he is not alone on the open road. The Government has taken real care of them not to.

Balance Between Highways and Home

By way of example, there are times when nostalgia hits truckers so hard that makes them leave their job position and return back home. Considering this, there are days when you hear a trucker say truck driver prayers in order to get through tough periods.

The fact is you cannot always get what you want. Additionally, you cannot get both goods and sometimes there come those times in life where you must choose between family and truck driving.

Source: www.pamper.my
Source: www.pamper.my

The only way to do it is to have faith that everything will turn out good eventually and that trucking is not that bad. To conclude it has numerous advantages but mainly the safety is in question.

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Truck drivers do love their job however it is much harder for their families. Once they have them home they are always praying for him to not call him back on the road again.


As a conclusion, without truck drivers, the life of humans would come to a stop. They are risking their lives on a daily basis in order to make us happy. In other words, for everything that you have you own it thanks to truck drivers.



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