Top 10 Trucking Companies In North Carolina


However, a well-thought business strategy is what makes a successful trucking business. Therefore, they have expanded their services to a whole new level that is today, including:

  • Same day and next day delivery
  • Storage trailers access
  • 24/7 truck service
  • Inbound and outbound services
  • Pick-up and delivery management
  • Real-time shipment tracking

Besides offering the best cartage they also offer the best logistics. As you may know, Best Cartage is famous for specializing in third party freight management. They can handle everything you need including:

  • Warehousing
  • Regional truckload
  • Best dedicated
  • Best specialized
  • Multimodal freight brokerage
  • Specialized equipment
  • Personal customer service representatives

Offering a 3PL service, they can professionally take care of the transport management. Any shipping made by their truck drivers can be made accordingly to your needs and requirements.

5. Lowe’s

Lowe’s is one of the best trucking companies in North Carolina and beyond. The trucking company headquarters in Mooresville, NC and is considered as the second largest hardware chain.


It was founded in 1942, and since then they are one of the greatest providers of goods and deliveries. Furthermore, they have optional services, for instance:

  • Real-time services
  • Online service
  • Pick-up
  • Delivery

The range of services allows you to either buy it from stores or order it online. Furthermore, people are ordering everything online and that particular thing is making them stand out before others.

Additionally, you can choose how you want to have your ordered online goods. You can either pick them up from the store, or you can have them delivered to your door.


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In particular, consists of trailers and tractors, whose drivers provide an outstanding delivery. Moreover, their fleet is considered as one of the largest in the nation and it is among the top federally registered carriers.

Being a remarkable company, it is no wonder that they have over 10,456 drivers who deliver customer’s freight safely and on time. Their experience in driving has made them respect the hours of service regulations and be extremely polite.


Founded in 1963, KLLM started as a brokerage trucking business that today has outgrown massively. Although at the very beginning they provided service in North America only, today they have customer all over America.

Correspondingly, they are serving more than 48 states including Mexico, on a daily basis. Additionally, they deliver more than 180,000 loads each year.


With this in mind, they have started their trucking business small with only 3 trucks providing service for their customers. Regardless the beginning, today they count more than 1,600 tractors as well as 2,400 trailers.

KLLM’s transport services include:

  • OTR
  • Regional trucking
  • Dedicated fleet
  • Logistics
  • Intermodal transport

No matter the weather, KLLM is always on time to deliver your needs. They offer a wide range of benefits for their truck drivers which is why they are so professional in their work.

3. Old Dominion Freight Line Inc.

Old Dominion Freight Line Inc. has the vision to be the premier transportation company in global and domestic service. Furthermore, their excellent services are made to meet customers satisfaction and deadlines as well.

Old Dominion Truck Freight started providing services in 1934 with a single truck and a 94-mile route. On the other hand, today numbers nearly 20,000 employees who are built up to keep their promises.


Their range of services includes:

  • Expedited
  • Domestic
  • People
  • Global
  • Technology
  • Household

In addition, they are committed at erasing the discrimination in their company. Moreover, they are considering all of their employees in the company as one big family. Their family of employees provides innovative solutions.


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Their vision of being a primary solutions company has reached them. From the many trucking companies in North Carolina, this one has a recognition that has brought them numerous awards.

To point out, they have received awards for providing prestigious customer service, sustainability, and community stewardship as well. Therefore, working for a company with a prestigious rating is not a bad idea at all.

2. Cargo Transporters Inc.

As a family owned trucking company it has been an impeccable service to customers for three centuries. Frankly, that is a very long time to keep business flawless and provide excellent service.

It is one of the trucking companies in North Carolina which actually care about their drivers.

Based in Claremont, North Carolina, Cargo Transporters Inc is a transport company with remarkable intrastate and interstate services.


In addition, they have a fleet of over 500 tractors and 1600 trailers and besides transporting cargo, they offer online services as well. They include:

  • Shipment tracking
  • Satellite-based truck positioning
  • Positioning updates
  • Document imaging
  • Access to proofs of delivery
  • Invoices
  • Internet paperwork support

Besides caring about providing excellent service, they are also caring about drivers and their family time. In addition, their drivers have 24/7 support including Human Resources, Operations, Customer Service, as well as safety.

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Their slogan ‘Our people make the difference” is not just a slogan. By showing appreciation to their employees and respecting their home-highways balance, they are encouraging them in providing better customer service.

Cargo Transporters have been serving the people since 1982, and since then they provide an exceptionally professional transport.

1. FedEx

FedEx was founded in 1971 as Federal Express Corporation and offers the best delivery worldwide in the first place.


Second, it has the best online services ever made. It allows you quick access to the shipment meaning, it enables you to make your shipment delivered as you prefer. For instance,

  • Creating a shipment
  • Ship with credit card
  • Scheduling pickups
  • Managing pickups
  • Order shipping supplies
  • Paying bills online

Besides offering remarkable service that does not leave a place for complaints, they have an online spot left for you to do one if there is any.


As a conclusion, what is more important than having a company with a high satisfaction level?

A great leader in the trucking industry respects its employees and that is what makes a professional company after all. The CEO must be a leader to the employees and not a boss. More importantly, there is a huge difference between a boss and a leader.



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