10 Awesome Survival Tips for Dry Van Trucking Companies

10 Awesome Survival Tips for Dry Van Trucking Companies

10 Awesome Survival Tips for Dry Van Trucking Companies

The Dry Van trucking companies are a major part of the class 8 trucks. Being in the trucking business these days is not easy. You need to cover the Federal Motor Safety Carrier Administration, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration rules and regulations and on top of that, you still have to worry about your truck drivers and their performance on the road.


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I am not saying that these guys need to be the top priority of your concern because most of them are trying to provide the best performance on the road but still … there are bad behaviors among the good ones and those my friend are the ones that might cost you a lot.
One trucking business depends on of many factors such as:

  • The trucking office location
  • The fuel consumption
  • The truck drivers
  • The Dispatcher department
  • The safety rating …

The dry van trucking service or all class 8 trucking services are facing a lot of challenges these days. And going into the dry van trucking service from scratch require a brave person that is ready to respond to the challenges.

What Is Dry Van


10 Awesome Survival Tips for Dry Van Trucking Companies
Source: Source: www.abletransportltd.com

 A dry van is the most common type of trailer used for transporting goods across the United States. The Dry Van term refers to an empty big box trailer with the length between 28 feet to 53 feet. As closed big boxes that are protected from the outside weather conditions the dry van trailers are perfect for transporting almost every type of freight.

  • The dry van can serve a lot of industries
  • Dry van trucks are the most desired trucks for driving among the truck drivers
  • Dry van trucks are used for local transportation and over the road transportation
  • Dry van trucks are used for transportation of food that is not temperature sensitive or needs special care
  • Dry van trucks are used for transportation of cleaning products, textile, plastic, clothes, electronics, consumer goods, building products, machine parts, industry colors …
  • Maximum length for a dry van can’t be more than 53 feet
  • A dry van can transport cargo that is not more than 45,000 pounds (26 standard pallets)
  • Dry van has hardwood floors that are sensitive to moisture that could come from the freight or the outside
  • A dry van trailer can be used for full truckload and Less Than Truckload



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