10 Awesome Survival Tips for Dry Van Trucking Companies

10 Awesome Survival Tips for Dry Van Trucking Companies

The quality of the service depends on many factors such as:

  • Driving performance of the truck drivers
  • Ability to connect the loads
  • Capability to find the best route
  • On time respond to the customers
  • Communication skills
  • Negotiation skills to find good loads

10 Awesome Survival Tips for Dry Van Trucking Companies
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 Good dispatchers will help you grow your business. They will take care of your clients by providing them the best possible trucking service. Dispatch department will manage the truck drivers to pick up connected loads which will save time and money for the company.

The connection of dry van loads is a way to save fuel and time. Connection of the loads is not an easy thing to be arranged because it requires a high level of concentration and dispatcher discipline.


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The successful connection of the loads depends on the dispatcher ability to make a detailed plan and stay focused every second. When a dispatcher can organize the loads in a way that he can effectively respond when the load is needed is a way to save money for your dry van company.

I will mention again that it is much easier to master this process if dispatchers are only focused on dry van loads.

3. Introduce Dispatch Training For Dry Van Loads

One dry van trucking company have to educate and train its dispatcher and make sure that they will be ready to provide the best service to the clients. It is important to teach them everything about the dry van transportation.

10 Awesome Survival Tips for Dry Van Trucking Companies
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 A well-trained dispatch department will be able to serve the clients in the best possible way. I know that you are aware of the competition out there and I just want to remind you that if you don’t train your dispatchers to answer on your clients requests, it can be bad for the company.

The customer is the king here. If he is not satisfied with the service that you provide he can easily shift to other dry van company that might amaze him with a good quality and efficiency. A satisfied client is a potential long-term business partner.

Trust me you need more long term clients in your base because the stability of your company depends on those loyal clients. Long-term clients are actually the backbone of your business.

Not to mention that if your clients are satisfied with your service they will gladly recommend your trucking services to other companies. One satisfied client will attract new clients for your dry van trucking company.

4. Check Dry Van Dispatch Department Performance

Checking the performance on the dispatch department is a way to find the cracks and improve them. Don’t do that aggressively but do it in a way that you will motivate them to improve their performance.

10 Awesome Survival Tips for Dry Van Trucking Companies
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 Checking the performance of the dry van dispatch department will give you heads up on what is actually going on in your trucking company.

Knowing what is good and what is bad will give you an opportunity to make a plan what is needed to be improved. When you throw all the things that can be improved on a piece of paper then you will be able to fix them one by one.

It is always a good thing to have a plan before going with the changes. If you have a detailed plan which performance can be improved then you won’t be caught in a corner losing record on what was changed and what needs to be changed. With a plan, you will have higher control over the changing process.

5. Award Best Dispatchers In Dry Van Department

It is important to always make your employees appreciated especially when they are the best ones in your dry van company. When you have a good team it is important to show your gratitude for their good job.

10 Awesome Survival Tips for Dry Van Trucking Companies
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 One way to do that is to award the best dispatchers and show them how grateful you are that they are trying to give the best of them self to provide perfect service to your clients. I was saying before that all dispatchers are not the same. Some of them are more eager to improve their performance day by day and some of them are reaching some level and they are staying there for the rest of their career.

If you notice that some of your dispatchers are jumping higher providing better performance it means that they gave a piece of them to do the job perfectly.

Maybe it depends on the personality that makes some dispatchers more focused or more capable of solving problems and if that is the case than you are very lucky that you found dispatchers with natural skills.

Their instincts are sharp and they can always land on their feet. Do everything to keep them in your company, award them and make them appreciated. Some skills can’t be learned!

10 Awesome Survival Tips for Dry Van Trucking Companies
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 We are human beings and we are not build up from the same material. Some are better in one segment other are made to be better for another. But never judge the fish by its ability to climb a tree. We all have things that we are good but … there are special species of dispatchers that can be good in more things at ones.

These types of dispatchers are rare and if you employed one then do everything to keep him/her in your trucking office. That type of dispatcher beside the amazing job that provides he/she is also a support for the other employees with always giving helpful ideas and directions that are improving the general performance of the team.

6. Try To Become Friend With Brokers Giving You Dry Van Loads

Freight brokers are an important part of the trucking industry, they are the middle man between the shippers and the trucking companies. The trucking business would not be the same without them. Some people would say better others would say that the trucking business without the freight brokers will be fragile.

10 Awesome Survival Tips for Dry Van Trucking Companies
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 However, they are there and they are the segment that can make a trucking company more or less successful. Freight brokers sometimes can be evil but in most of the cases if you earned their respect they can be the best thing for you.



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