Trucking Memes and Jokes That Will Make You LAUGH YOUR HEAD OFF

Which leads people to talk about anyone that is involved in the business. And, that is mainly the truckers.


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Good, bad or funny situations are all turned into everyday sayings that last a long time. Therefore, the internet is full of those quotes. In this article, we will check on some of the funny truck quotes that will make you laugh your head off.

Some of them are connected with the equipment they are using and others strictly with the drivers. Further, their way of driving, or the rules they follow or not.

So, let’s check on the five quotes we have for you down below. We guarantee you lots of fun reading them.






5 Fun Truck Accessories

1. Towel seat cover

Since truckers spend most of the time on their seat and driving, this is a very convenient accessory for them. A towel seat cover is a slip – on accessory. Therefore, it is designed to protect the seat.

2. Padded armrest

It is well known for drivers, especially those that spend hours in their vehicle, to complain of elbow pain. This is due to the fact that people drive with their left arm supported against the door.

Which, of course, causes pain in the long run, since it is a hard surface. Armrest pad is a wonderful truck accessory and will be very useful to the long hauling drivers.

3. Steering wheel cover

Wheel covers are commonly used by any driver. They are also used because it gives more support than the wheel without cover. And it is good in hot weather when your hands are sweating It will not allow them to slide but will be able to maintain the same position.

They are easy to install and last very long time. The covers also protect the steering wheel of the vehicle. Moreover, they are available in many different colors as well as materials.

4. Spare tire repair and inflating system

This is a super useful kit for any truck driver. It is an easy way to repair a flat tire. This kit works without the need to remove the tire or call for help. In addition, it can inflate the tire and repair any punctures in just a few seconds.

Also, it does not make any mess that later you will need to clean up. Therefore, it works with no aerosol can, jacks or pumps.


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5. Truck side step

Many of us have experienced the difficult task of getting into the truck. Some trucks do have a side step that is convenient. But, others do not. Or they simply do not fit driver’s height to truck ratio.

Therefore, the side step comes in handy. Surely, it can make a truck driver’s life easier. Usually, the best ones are made out of aluminum. And they have a non-slip step pad which really comes in handy. Especially, on a rainy day.

5 Funny Truck Fails

Down below we are showing you few funny truck fails that will make you laugh your head off. Funny situations captured by people that were at the scene. Long hauling hours make many truckers very tired.

So, simple mistakes can mean a lot. As well as make a lot of damage in an accident. The most important is, making the best out of any situation.

As long as nobody is hurt, material damage is always repairable. Surely, it can cost the drivers a lot of money. But at the end of the day, it is just money.







Trucking is a very serious part of our every day’s life even though we might not see it that way. Even though it is a serious job, truckers know how to make the best of it. Even from an uncomfortable situation.

This is the correct way how to go through a truck driver’s day. Because if you are a trucker you will know how exhausting and lonely those driving hours can be. Therefore, making the best of it is beneficial for the drivers and the ones surrounding them.

They usually are a very outgoing people. And like to make jokes. It does not mean that if the job is crucial for the today’s society that you need to be always with a serious face. Or always focused on the job. There is enough time for everything if it is well organized.

And if meantime something unpleasant happens. Well, then it is time to think positively and laugh your head off at whatever the trucking life throws at you at that very moment.

Hopefully, this article showed you that it is cool to be a truck driver. One of the rare jobs that have fun, good pay, and travel, all together.



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