Top 20 Canadian Trucking Companies

Nowadays this trucking company is one of the best Canadian trucking companies, and it is due to their foundation which includes providing innovative, cost effective and reliable transportation.


Besides being one of the best Canadian trucking companies, Kindersley Transport is at the same time one of the oldest as well. So, as we can see this trucking company is part of the trucking industry for more than 55 years. Throughout that period of time, it has maintained a high standard of customer service.

When it comes to their services, we can see that Kindersley Transport is offering less than truckload, truckload, and intermodal services.

9. Grimshaw Trucking

Grimshaw Trucking was incorporated back in 1948. Since day one this trucking company has shown never-ending commitment in providing reliable transportation services.

On the other hand, this trucking company is known in the trucking industry for their innovation dependability as well as superior customer service. These facts make it a leader among the Canadian trucking companies.


Yet, Grimshaw has been the getaway to the north for more than 64 years.

So, if you are looking for the best in class transportation solutions, then you should take a look at what Grimshaw Trucking has to offer you. Their modern fleet will provide you safe and reliable load delivery.

10. Q-Line Trucking

Q-Line Trucking has the capability and expertise to provide specialized transportation solutions. This trucking company is offering different types of truck driving jobs. In fact, Q-Line is one of the best Canadian trucking companies and as such, it is leading the industry in transportation solutions.

Moreover, their 20 years of experience in the trucking industry have brought Q-Line numerous loyal customers.


Here are the services that Q-Line has to offer:

  • Full truckload FTL deck transportation services;
  • Less than truck load deck transportation services;
  • Third party logistics;
  • Project management;
  • Over dimensional and overweight deck transportation services;

Hence, all transportation solutions that this trucking company is offering are qualified to provide their customers with high quality, professional, as well as strategic services.

11. Bartel Bulk Freight INC.

Bartel Bulk Freight was founded in 1986 by the Bartel family. So, as a family owned trucking company Bartel has grown up to be a major carrier of a variety of non-perishable goods to Canadian as well as United States destinations.

Moreover, this trucking company is mainly specializing in the transportation of non-perishable goods.


Nowadays Bartel Bulk Freight has a fleet composed of 25 company owned trucks as well as 65 additional trucks that are being covered by owner operators.

Henceforth, Bartel is providing:

  • Dry goods transportation;
  • Temperature controlled transportation;
  • Specialized Transportation;
  • Over Dimensional shipments;
  • Expedited transportation with Dry Van, Drop Deck Trailers as well as Refrigerated;

It is good for you to know that this trucking company is C-TPAT Certified. In addition this trucking company is featuring: heated warehouse with 2 loading docks.

12. Polar Industries LTD

Polar Industries is Manitoba’s premiere remote logistics specialist.

You might be familiar with this trucking company from History Channel’s Ice Road Truckers. In addition as one of the leading Canadian trucking companies, Polar Industries has been featured in many truckers’ magazines.


From here on, Polar Industries is offering their services in the Prairie Provinces as well coast to coast services. Yet, Polar Industries is manly operating in Northern Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario.

Moreover, this trucking company is transporting everything, starting from concrete, lumber, fuel tanks, up to pre-manufactured homes and pre-fabricated oversize commercial buildings.

13. DELtaura

DELtaura as one of the leading Canadian trucking companies has been growing exponentially by adding a variety of services as well as adding more trucks and trailers to their fleet. These days their fleet consists of dry van trailers, reefer trucks, and flatbed trailers.


Moreover, this trucking company has many licenses and permits, such as:

  • Commercial Vehicle Operated Registration- CVOR;
  • Permit to transit plants or plant products throughout the U.S.;
  • S. Customs Bonded;
  • Hazmat Certified;
  • Canadian Customs Bonded Carrier;

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To put it another way, DELtaura has their own company drivers but as well they are collaborating with owner operators. Altogether they are organizing and executing their operations day in and day out.

14. CSA Transportation

CSA Transportation is a leader truck transportation, it is as well one of the best Canadian trucking companies. This trucking company looks forward to deliver the best possible load transportation services at the best price in the industry.


Yet, CSA Transportation has more than 250 professionals offering profitable growth for the company. As well, CSA Transportation has a progressive and entrepreneurial culture.

In addition, this trucking company is featuring 10 full-service regional distribution centers.

Thereupon, this trucking company is dedicated to being highly professional and ethical when it comes to communicating and making deals with their customers.

Nevertheless, they are always taking the initiative to be innovative in their solutions and systems.

15. Scotlynn

When Scotlynn entered the trucking industry it was specializing in the agriculture sector, while at the same time farming fresh produce along the north shores of Lake Erie for local markets.


In fact, the owners of Scotlynn have started the trucking company mainly for the needs of their farm. Throughout the years this trucking company has combined their intimate knowledge of agriculture and handling produce.

Hence, quickly after the incorporation, Scotlynn became one of the fastest growing asset-based trucking company in Canada.

Here is what Scotlynn has to offer you:

  • Dry Van;
  • Flatbed;
  • LTL;
  • Intermodal;

Their truck drivers are dedicated to providing unparalleled service and on-time delivery.

16. Arnold Bros. Transport LTD

Arnold Bros was founded by Frank and Jerry Arnold. At the very beginnings, this trucking company was mainly hauling grain products to markets in Manitoba, Minnesota, as well as Dakota.


Thanks to their never-ending dedication Arnold Bros Transport has experienced prosperous opportunity and flourished into one of the best Canadian trucking companies. This trucking company has evolved over the years into various forms of trucking operation from hauling farm machinery up to operating with dry van and refrigerated trailers.



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