Truck Driver Awards And Their Importance In Trucking Industry


If you are involved in a trucking industry you should consider truck driver awards. Truck driver awards is an event where truckers are honored. It is very similar to the truck driver appreciation week only that this exquisite event includes awards.


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Significantly, truck driver awards is a marvelous gathering that honors the achievements of truck drivers. Every year, at this event, people are rewarded for their amazing work and affection in the trucking industry, as well as our society.

Every trucking company should be rewarding their employees. The life of a truck driver is not easy at all, there are always some unexpected situations coming along. Furthermore, for some might be exciting because every day is a new experience but sometimes can be a torment as hell.

Being on the road means being at a complete risk of accident, or any other incident. And while you are at your comfort zone, people are going over the roads to give us a better world. Honestly, the world without them would stop. Therefore, someone needs to show respect to the long haul truckers that are hitting the endless roads in order to move America forward.

Importance Of Truck Driver Awards

Trucking is an adventurous yet risky profession and honoring the human beings driving on the unpredictable roads is a must.

There are important principles that apply to the trucking management that positive attitude and hard work need an award. The concept of rewarding someone for loyalty and good behavior always leads to positive results afterward.

According to The Huffington Post, trucking is one of the most dangerous jobs but still, there are plenty of truck drivers. Sometimes, I wonder why are there so many of them?


Well, half of the people are turning into a better version of themselves. On the contrary, the other half is considering the salary of truck drivers as a huge contribution.

All of those things that make drivers better humans and good behavior are because of the truck driver awards. Additionally, only by saying to someone that rocks, that he/she is special and are doing things right, gives them encouragement to do more.

Benefits of Recognizing Truck Drivers Good Behavior

As shown above, truck drivers are hitting the longest highways, spend hours in driving and it is a tough lifestyle. Celebrating and honoring individuals who sacrifice their lives daily to provide us with all kinds of essentials makes a better world.

Additionally, by recognizing their effort on the most dangerous roads, you give them the recognition that they deserve to make a better economy. Hence, rewarding truckers for maintaining a safe and healthy work on the roads has a few benefits coming out of it. Sharing is caring after all.

  • Motivation
  • Safety results
  • Keeping company’s status
  • Low cost
  • Your health


Speaking of motivation, everyone needs to be encouraged in order to do a proper thing. If you say to someone how amazing it is and his work, he will strive for perfection. With this in mind, only one “Great job” can make a huge difference in their behavior. Consequently, it is pretty the same with truck drivers.

Thus, motivation leads to safety results, coupled with keeping company’s status clean and according to SAFER safety matters, more than you think. Maintaining safe driving and clean driving record, as well as safe transport of the goods, keeps you from low cost and low insurance rates. On the other hand, your good behavior when hitting the endless roads leads to nothing but your safety and health benefit.

Types Of Truck Driver Awards

As shown above, motivating and showing respect to people is critical and beneficial for every kind of business. According to me, it is the most crucial for truck drivers. Moreover, every trucking company should recognize its truckers and create a truck driver awards event.

Assigning special praise to drivers, encourages them to put their attention on self-discipline. In like manner, you can create a program that it is according to your requirements.


Further, there are numerous ways of rewarding your truckers in reaching their goals. For instance, you can create a truck driver awards program for having reached 10,000, 100,000, 1 million or over 1 million miles without an incident. For example, you can provide them with a personalized plaque, or a crystal award which are especially made for these types of occasion.

In the same way, apart from giving them a truck driver awards, you can write a meaningful article in order to honor their achievement. Thus, you will not motivate the rewarded to contribute more to your company but you will encourage others to set safety goals, as well. To put it differently, the rewarded truck drivers are in fact the successful truck drivers.


Hey! I'm George J.Magoci and I will send you a FREE eBook where you can learn 12 secret steps how to make $950 more truck/month.

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In order to achieve the milestone goal, you need to possess several skills:

  • Concentration
  • Multitasking
  • Years of experience
  • Clean driving record
  • Stress management skills

There are several truck driver awards and have meanings for the trucking industry in America, not to mention for the truck drivers. For some, truck driving is considered more as a lifestyle than a working job, after all. This is due to the fact that their driving performance plays a great role in the contribution to their company, the economy, and the world.

1 Million Mile Safety Award

To begin with, there is a million mile route award. A million mile safety award receive drivers who by driving a million miles haven’t committed law violation or been in an accident. A quality driver receives a prize and a personalized plaque.


With the million mile truck driver awards, truckers are being appreciated for their complete devotion to excellence. In general, all long haul drivers should be rewarded. However, they are all risking their lives for a better economy.

Even though over the road trucking is a great money making machine, on the contrary, trucking is hard to handle for some. For this reason, every professional performance is first noticed and then recognized. Furthermore, the million mile safety award is considered as a bronze level in the truck driver awards.

Two Million Miles Award

In addition, there is also a two million mile truck driver awards event. Every trucker who drove two million miles, accident-free, receives a two million mile award. Usually, these awards receive truckers with 5 or more years of experience.



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