Top 10 Trucking Brokerage Companies In USA


Trucking brokerage companies are’’the middleman’’, and as such their main duty is to connect the buyers and the sellers in organizing the transportation process.

Although freight brokers are classified as middleman they are still holding a crucial role in the load transportation process.

Thereupon, trucking brokerage companies are getting their revenues once the process of pickup and delivery is finished.

In general investors or the people that are in need of a freight broker are looking for companies that are providing economical fees. That is to say, brokerage commissions that erode returns.

We are all familiar with the fact that traditional trucking brokerage companies are charging a fee. But in the last decade, things have changed significantly.

Henceforth, I have dedicated this article to the top 10 trucking brokerage companies in the USA. So, let’s take a look and learn more about the work of these companies!

10. Yusen Logistics (American) Inc.

Yusen Logistics is one of the best trucking brokerage companies in the USA. In general, this company is providing international freight forwarding, transportation, and contract logistics.


Moreover, if you are looking for a company that designs, and manages supply chains to global industry markets, then Yusen Logistics is the right trucking brokerage company. Yusen Logistics is also providing more complex transportation models.

The secret of Yusen’s success lies in managing the elements by focusing on the development of good and strong relationships with their customers. Supply Chain Management can be considered as a specialty of this trucking brokerage company.


Thereupon, this trucking company is able to perform an arrangement of the load’s movement from any point in the supply chain.

9. J.B. Hunt Integrated Solutions

J.B. Hunt Integrated Solutions were established back in 2007. This segment of J.B. Hunt’s business was established in order to provide a non-asset and alternative transportation solutions.


Therefore, the integrated solutions of J.B. Hunt have brought them partnerships with more that 20.000 carriers. So, J.B. Hunt Integrated Solutions has proven to their customers that they are able to provide cost-effective and efficient alternative solutions.

Well, the key components that drive this trucking brokerage company are the commitment, teamwork, and accountability. All employees of J.B. Hunt Integrated Solutions are working as a team, without exception.


So, if you are looking for a trucking brokerage company that is providing impeccable service, and at the same time to be operating as an extension of customers’ needs, then you shall take J.B. Hunt Integrated Solutions, into consideration.

8. Mode Transportation

Mode Transportation is a trucking brokerage company which is asset-based and is offering truckload, less-then-truckload, air, ocean, as well as intermodal services. The truck drivers who comprise the Mode Transportation’s team have obtained Class A drivers license. Their truck drivers have access to over 2.000.000 pieces of equipment.


When it comes to the coverage area, Mode Transportation is offering their services in the range of North America. Thereupon, if you are in need of this kind of services know that Mode Transportation can fulfill any type of unique demands that you might have.

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Moreover, this trucking brokerage company is co-operating with more than 250 independent sales agents.

So, by focusing on their clients, Mode Transportation has become a leading brokerage solution provider.

7. Worldwide Express

Worldwide Express has shown that when a trucking brokerage company combines personal experience with industrial knowledge, can achieve enormous success. Not to fail to mention, Worldwide Express can help you by making your load shipping to be the easiest part of the day.


Since this company knows how to do their part of the business, they will help you have an extraordinary experience. In addition, they can provide you with the best solution, altogether with good rates, and extraordinary service levels.

Worldwide Express as a full logistics network is providing their services all across the country. This company also has more than 150 offices across the USA. Speaking of Worldwide Express offices, I must add that their main headquarter is based in Dallas, Texas.


Whereas, the employees of this trucking brokerage company are trained to deal with every customer in a polite manner; it is one of those companies that still values customer care, which is a great advantage in this industry.

This trucking brokerage company is ready to cover everything, starting from envelopes up to pallets.

6. Landstar System

What made Landstar System rise among the best transportation and brokerage companies in the USA is their unique global transportation system. The system that the employees of this trucking company are using is providing them a great flexibility that can meet any customer’ demand.


These days we can witness that Landstar has a network that is unmatched in the industry. And what does that mean? Well, Landstar has more than 9.000 leased owner-operators, 1.100 agents, as well as around 44.000 other capacity providers.

Landstar’s team is always ready to find a solution for your transportation challenges. Not only that, their services are flexible and can span the globe. Since this transportation brokerage company is flexible, is providing customized solutions via air, land, as well as sea.


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Thereupon, the business that Landstar have developed can make your business succeed. As a worldwide asset provider of integrated transportation solutions, Landstar is servicing a board range of customers.

5. Coyote Logistics

Coyote Logistics is part of the brokerage business for more than 20 years. For all these years this company has become a full-scale, less-than-truckloads, intermodal service provider, as well as non-asset-based truckload provider.


Did you know that most of the brokerage companies do commit to moving loads for shippers, but still when there is any problem, they generally fail to commit to the requirements of their customers?

Unlike those brokerage companies, Coyote Logistics is always ready to provide another alternative to the shippers. By that this trucking brokerage company is keeping the stress away from their customers.



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