10 Best Kenworth Dealers in the USA

10 Best Kenworth Dealers in the USA


In my previous article we looked at a few Peterbilt Dealers, well this time we are going to focus on Kenworth Dealers.

Now, I do think we should briefly touch on a few basics in regards to commercial trucks and professional truck drivers, before discussing some individual Kenworth dealers, as well as parts and service centers.

It is funny just how different models of similar vehicles are on the road. Many of those available in the USA might not be found elsewhere and vice versa and what is common in one area might not be as common in another.


Currently in the USA you will find 5 main manufactures trucks on the road. Keep in mind that doesn’t mean there aren’t others, these are just the most common.

In alphabetical order the most common truck brands are:


Though Kenworth has been around a while, their trucks tend to be the newest seen on the road. This is by percentage when compared to other truck companies (not overall market share).

It is estimated that about 72 percent of those are from 2011 -2016. 62 percent of these are sleeper cabs, again by average more than the other commercial trucks.

Though Kenworth started in Portland, Oregon, they are now based in the Seattle, Washington suburb of Kirkland, Washington.

The first of the Kenworth rolled off the assembly line in 1923 when business partners, Kent and Worthington, merged company into the Kenworth Motor Truck Company. Since then they have expanded operations to Canada, Mexico, and even Australia.


Like many of their competition, Kenworth originally marketed their trucks for the logging industry of the Northwest. But with time they expanded to manufacturing buses.

They were even the first to include diesel engines in their vehicles. After WWII they continued to expand and became so popular that they were used in TV series. Hack , even James Bond drove a Kenworth!


Over the years Kenworth has continued to change and evolve. From making customs buses to custom trucks, they will build to suite.

To see some of their great trucks on display just check out any truck show (like example: one of the popular Monster truck show events or any of the trucking industry events).


But, if you have the time you might want to visit the Mid-America Trucking Show (MATS). I strongly recommend you to visit one of those!

So if you are in the market to buy a truck and are looking for Kenworth dealers, you can go online and google them, visit the Kenworth website, or visit one of these Kenworth dealers that I’ve listed below.


Of course there are many more Kenworth dealers than just this list of mine, but what I’ve tried here is to get you a good selection of Kenworth Dealers and pointed you in the right direction!

So without further delay, here is my choice for top 10 Kenworth dealers in the USA! Hope you like it!

10. Wisconsin Kenworth 

Wisconsin Kenworth has proudly been offering all the support you’ll need when it comes to buying a new or used Kenworth, since 1978. They continue to expand and grow making sure to offer the best possible support.

They employ a full team of certified service technicians and a highly dedicated sales staff to make sure you get exactly what you want and need.


Currently they have six convenient locations in Wisconsin to better serve you. Additionally they are connected to many other service centers in Texas, Arizona, and Michigan.

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This makes them a great example of the many Kenworth dealers out there.

So whether you need to purchase a Kenworth truck or have mechanical needs let Wisconsin Kenworth assist you.

9. Truck Enterprises, Inc. 

Truck Enterprises has proudly been serving the needs of the trucking industry since 1961; that is when they went from Virginia all the way to Seattle for their first Kenworth contract.

They continue to go far and wide to offer the best in customer satisfaction. With eight Kenworth dealers scattered in 3 states (Virginia, Maryland, and West Virginia) they are sure to have what you are looking for.


Truck Enterprises offer a full range of maintenance services. Additionally their highly skill staff are always there to support your needs. They have been presented with many awards from Kenworth in a show of appreciation for all their hard work and dedication.

So if you’re the East and you are searching for Kenworth dealers, give them a chance to help you out.

8. Performance Truck 

Performance Truck has been providing Southeast Texas with superior service since 1977 and they plan to continue doing so into the distant future.

They offer full service mechanical technicians and an expert sales staff to support you with all you trucking needs. It doesn’t matter if you want used or new semi trucks, they got something for you for sure!


When it comes to Kenworth dealers, Performance has Texas covered. You can stop by anyone of the numerous Texas locations, Austin (Buda), Baytown, Beaumont, Bryan, Cleveland, Houston, Jasper, Lufkin, Palestine, Rosenberg, San Antonio, and Victoria.

With so many centers there really is no excuse not to pay them a visit and check them out!


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7. Wallwork Truck Center 

Wallwork Truck Center has been serving people’s needs since 1921, and they have been one of the top Kenworth dealers since the 1960’s.

So, if you are looking for a name you can trust these are the guys to consider.  As an added show of expertise they have repeatedly been recognized by Kenworth, starting in 1985m and continue to display that level of expertise.


Many consider Wallwork Truck Center to be highly reputable and will go out of their way to visit them.

If you’re up in the North Dakota area, swing on by and you see why they are so well liked.

After all, they are available and always ready to provide sales and other service support to customers throughout the USA and Canada so pay them a visit and see on your own why they are known to be among the best Kenworth dealers!



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