10 Tips To Buying The Best Sleeper Or Extended Cabin Truck

10 Tips To Buy Best Sleeper Or Extended Cabin Truck

10 Tips To Buying The Best Sleeper Or Extended Cabin Truck

In the article today I will touch on the ‘10 Tips to Buying the Best Sleeper or Extended cabin truck’. As you are well aware I am sure; there are a lot more than 10 things to consider! It will also depend on your situation and what you need.

Of course it will also depend on your personally financial situation as to what you can afford. Like anything, don’t overspend and put yourself in a bad way.

There is so much to consider when getting into the trucking industry. These can be from the point of view of both; drivers and owners. After all you have truck insurance as well as other insurances, truck maintenance cost, and other expenses to think about. But, the type of truck is also a majorly important consideration.

There are several commercial truck manufacturers, all making their own version of a sleeper or extended cabin truck. But the main manufacturers in the United States (or most common on our roads anyway) are:

Of course there are other models available, but these are by far the most common trucks found on the American roads today.

10 Tips To Buying The Best Sleeper Or Extended Cabin Truck

As I said, there are about a million things to speak about when it comes to trucking and the trucking industry. Sleeper or extended cabin truck accessories and even the actual trucks are just one of those many topics, because as an over the road driver you spend so much time in your truck. Most will say they spend more time in the truck than at their actual home.

It can be hard for some, for others it is the best. There are those who fit somewhere in the middle. Regardless which category you find yourself in, you must admit there are times you long for a regular bed and place to call your own.

Now, truths to be told, many of you are lucky enough to have a sleeper or extended cabin truck, offering all the comforts of home.

It is actually amazing the size of some of them. You can get a sleeper or extended cabin truck that is actually nicer than many apartments. They even have all the amenities of home available to you. Heck, I think I saw one the other day that actually had private maid quarters!

Of course when you speak about an extended cabin truck most people think of a pick-up with a larger compartment that the regular or standard truck. And technically I guess that is true. But for the sake of this article, I am using the term to emphasize both the difference between a conventional cabin and a sleeper.

Now of course I can bore you with all the technical details that a commercial truck must weigh this much. I can go into detail about how wide and how long it should be. I could go into all the varying regulations depending on which state you’re operating in. But I won’t do that (too long and boring).

10 Tips To Buying The Best Sleeper Or Extended Cabin Truck
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If you are the type of person who cares or needs to know all of that, then all you need to do is to thumb through all the various publications. For starters check out the Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) they will give you all the information you need.

In the meantime, I plan to cover the more basic and hopefully more interesting things about a sleeper or extended cabin truck. I will try to cover a few points on what to consider and to look into. As I always say, research! Study everything you can about the sleeper or extended cabin truck before you purchase it.

There are a million ways to learn but only one time to buy. So, make sure you are ready and well informed before you do. I would also recommend that you compare prices, ask other drivers, and even visit the various truck driver forums.

If you haven’t already, join some of the trucker forums, they cover a whole host of topics. There you can ask about everything from tires to movies to music and trucker songs.


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When buying a sleeper or extended cabin truck, be ready for ‘sticker shock’. They can be rather expensive, but most would agree well worth the expense. After all you will be spending a lot of time in there, so get the best that you can comfortably afford.

As usual, these are not the only considerations and you might even have other stuff that you feel are more important. Some common considerations are the brand, model, even the color. But I just listed some for you; I felt would be of benefit to you during the hunt for the sleeper or extended cabin truck of your choice.

So without any further delays or rambling onto other topics here are my 10 tips to consider when buying a sleeper or extended cabin truck.

10 Tips To Buying The Best Sleeper Or Extended Cabin Truck
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Buy A New Extended Cabin Truck If You Can

Ok, so this is everyone’s dream, to buy brand new. To go out and find the best sleeper or extended cabin truck available, then to plop down the cash on the desk and drive off the lot. If you can afford, there is nothing more satisfying than buying new.

When you do buy your sleeper or extended cabin truck new, there are several advantages. The most obvious thing being that no one has driven it before you. Well, besides the guys/gals at the factory, and other test drivers. You won’t be buying something that has been wrecked or driven like Mad Max out running marauders across the wasteland.

You can pick out the colors, the accessories, and everything else that goes along with buying new. The key drawback will of course be the price. They can get to be very expensive. Some might even compare it to buying a house, depending on the part of the country you are from.

Remember, you’ll have to pay sales tax but you can still purchase a truck from another state, where it might be cheaper.

10 Tips To Buying The Best Sleeper Or Extended Cabin Truck
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