Top 10 Locations To Buy Peterbilt Parts

Top 10 Locations To Buy Peterbilt Parts


It is important to know where to find a location for Peterbilt parts that have, a great staff and wide range of products than can cover your needs at the required moment.


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There are a lot of locations that you can find Peterbilt parts but not every one of them has a wide range of Peterbilt parts at the moment you need, so you may end up waiting for few days before the part arrive at that location and be ready for pick up.

I am sure that at some point you found yourself wondering:

  • Where should I go?
  • Who to ask for advice?
  • Where I can find all I need in one place?

When you run a trucking business you have a lot of challenges and a lot of things that you need to pay attention and one of those things is finding a Peterbilt business partner that will take care of your fleet at the needed moment.


The trucking business is hard enough without other complications and that is why I want to help you find the right location where you’ll be served on time and by a highly qualified staff that will help you solve the problem without down time and additional expenses that may kill your profit.

OK, Let’s start.


1. Buy Peterbilt Parts at Truck Parts & Equipment Inc.



  • Wichita – Corporate Office, 4501 W. Esthner, Wichita, Kansas 67209
  • Hays – 1710B E. 10th, Hays, Kansas 67601
  • Topeka – 4812 SW Topeka Blvd. Topeka, Kansas 66609

Wichita, Kansas is a good location for buying Peterbilt parts. TPE Inc. is a leading supplier of Peterbilt parts and equipment and as a leader it provides quality parts, services, equipment, and repairs for all truck models.

Truck Parts & Equipment Inc. can respond to your needs whether you need Peterbilt parts for just one truck or you need parts for a fleet of hundred trucks. They are ready to offer everything you need to fully maintain your trucks.

If you need Peterbilt parts near this location you have to visit them. They have Peterbilt parts for every class and type of trucks so it will be easy to find all you need in one place. They are supplied even with the Peterbilt parts that are hard to find at other locations.


Truck Parts & Equipment Inc. have a computerized inventory that is highly organized to allow easy and fast accesses for all the Peterbilt parts needed for replacement, truck repair or maintenance.

At this location you can find:

  • Hydraulic parts
  • Hitches and couplers
  • Chassis parts
  • Wheels and drums
  • Truck and Trailer Lights
  • Axles and suspension
  • Electrical parts
  • Drivetrain parts …

The safety of your trucks depends on the quality of the parts and the capability of the store to respond on time to your requirements. Truck Parts & Equipment Inc. is a proud supplier of Peterbilt parts for the trucking industry in Wichita, Kansas. With more than 80 years of service, they learned how to provide the best service to their clients.


Truck Parts & Equipment Inc. includes:

  • Lift gate equipment
  • Dump and Service Bodies
  • Suspensions and axles
  • Van and pickup equipment
  • Cranes and Winches


2. Buy Peterbilt Parts at Peterbilt of Connecticut


Address: 206 Meadow Ln, Berlin, Connecticut 06037, Phone: +1 860-828-4125

Peterbilt of Connecticut and Peterbilt of Rhode Island truck centers are family owned dealerships for over 60 years in the heavy duty truck business. These locations have a large inventory of Peterbilt truck parts and other heavy duty truck parts and truck accessories.

They can offer you a large selection of Peterbilt truck parts from their truck centers locations or even from the manufacturer distribution centers. As result of that, you can find any Peterbilt part that you need for your fleet.

Another thing for this location is that have experienced technicians that are ready to repair your truck at any moment so you will be ready to get back on the road as soon as possible without downtime for your trucking business.


They are ready to respond to every request because these guys know that the time is your money. You will get honest customer service that will lead to a long-term business relationship.

The Peterbilt of Connecticut has all Peterbilt truck parts and accessories that you need. The quality and the quick respond make them a good choice if you need Peterbilt parts. Besides geting Peterbilt parts from their location you can also make an order that will be delivered directly to you.

Peterbilt of Connecticut also offers new Peterbilt trucks if you need to expand your fleet:

  • Peterbilt Model 388 Day Cab, Peterbilt Model 386 Day Cab, Peterbilt Model 384 Day Cab
  • Peterbilt Model 386 Hybrid, Peterbilt Model 348 Hybrid, Peterbilt Model 337 Hybrid, Peterbilt Model 330 Hybrid, Peterbilt Model 320 Hybrid
  • Peterbilt Model 389, Peterbilt Model 388, Peterbilt Model 587, Peterbilt Model 386, Peterbilt Model 384, Peterbilt Model 382, Peterbilt Model 367, Peterbilt Model 365, Peterbilt Model 348, Peterbilt Model 337, Peterbilt Model 330, Peterbilt Model 325, Peterbilt Model 320, Peterbilt Model 220, Peterbilt Model 210

Peterbilt of Connecticut is available for you 24/7/365 days. They can provide you with after sale support, roadside assistance, maintenance program, and low operating cost just to ensure your satisfaction and efficiency of your trucks on the road.


Working Hours:

  1. Monday works from 7:30AM to 5:30PM
  2. Tuesday works from 7:30AM to 5:30PM
  3. Wednesday works from 7:30AM to 5:30PM
  4. Thursday works from 7:30AM to 5:30PM
  5. Friday works from 7:30AM to 5:30PM
  6. Saturday is Closed
  7. Sunday is Closed


3. Buy Peterbilt Parts at Quincy Peterbilt


Address: 4110 Kochs Ln, Quincy, IL 62305, Phone: +1 217-214-0100

Quincy Peterbilt is another location where you can find Peterbilt parts for your fleet. They have a large display area that you can visit and purchase the truck parts that you need. They have an amazing staff that is ready to help you in the moment of arrival.



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