25 Reasons Why Truck Stop Showers Should Be Free


Being healthy and safe all the time, and especially when they are on the road transporting loads are the most important things for truck drivers.

With this in mind I have decided to dedicate this article to the people that are owning the truck stops, in order to show them at least 25 reasons why truck stop showers should be free, and what kind of benefits truck showers can bring to the truck drivers.


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The trucking industry is one of the leading industries in the USA, to make it clearer more than 70% of the goods in USA are being transported by the truck drivers that are dedicated to this industry.

Moreover, as the trucking industry is witnessing a historic growth and there are forecasts for even a brighter future for the USA trucking industry, in the same manner more attention should be focused on the health and safety of the truck drivers as it has been recommended by OSHA.

Furthermore in this article you will have the chance to read more about the 25 reasons that I find essential when it comes to the discussion why truck stop showers should be free.

1. By Having A Shower Truck Drivers Will Improve Their Health

Reducing muscle tension, reducing the sugar level, improving the blood circulation, boosting the immune system, are only part of the health benefits that truck drivers can get if they put regular showering into their daily practice.

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Taking regular showers is one of the ways to preserve your good health and to remain fit and healthy all the time.

Thereupon, we can see that taking regular baths not only that can help you clean your body on the inside, but straight proportionally taking regular baths can improve your immune system, and can help your way if you are fighting some disease.

2. Truck Drivers Can Increase Their Safety By Having A Shower

Truck stop showers should be made free, it would be of a great importance for truck drivers, because it can contribute to the safety of the truck drivers in a great measure.

Hence, truck drivers can increase their safety by taking a shower in the manner of waking up quickly, relieving their stress, it can relax their muscles, and it can bring them many more health benefits.

By taking regular showers and dedicating some time to themselves, the truck drivers would turn out to be even more productive and effective than usually.

3. Shower Relaxes The Muscles- By That Truck Drivers Will Be More Efficient

In order for the truck driver to be in the position to deliver the loads in a time-efficient manner first of all he should be relaxed and concentrated.

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 Thereupon, we are all aware that there are many ways of achieving relaxation, and among all of them the best option for truck drivers might be taking shower. Taking a shower has a lot of benefits for the human body, one of those benefits is that it relaxes the muscles.

Given this point, the best way that truck drivers can relax their muscles is to take a hot shower. And in my opinion only when truck drivers are relaxed and focused, only than they can follow the rules and regulations given by FMCSA.

4. Showers Will Increase The Alertness Of Truck Drivers

Being on the road for a long time can lead to lowering of truck drivers’ alertness, thereupon they can increase their alertness in several ways. Among all ways of increasing the alertness of the truck drivers– the cold shower turned out to be the best.

There are many reasons why truck stop showers should be free, and one of those reasons is that truck drivers can increase their safety and awareness by taking a shower.

Moreover, cold showers can increase the energy level, that is as a result of the increased heart rate, and therefore the heart will release blood throughout the entire body.

5. By Having Regular Showers Truck Drivers Will Improve Their Immunity And Circulation

Regular Showers can improve significantly the immunity of the truck drivers, but not only that their immunity can be improved, but the blood circulation will improve too.

With the aid of cold showers we can induce the blood to surround the organs, and that can combat the present problems, such as problems with the heart, as well as with the skin.

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 It is well known that the blood pressure can be smoothly lowered by taking a cold shower, yet the cold shower can also help in clearing the blocked arteries, and into boosting the metabolism.

Therefore, by having regular showers the truck drivers can improve their immunity and circulation at the same time, and that is one more reason why truck showers should be accessible and free for them.

6. Showers In Between A Long Trip Will Ease The Stress Of Truck Drivers

You are driving a long route, and you are looking for a way to ease the stress that you are feeling? If that is the case I would like to recommend you to find the closest truck stop and to take a shower.

Showers in between a long trip can have a great impact in releasing the stress that you are feeling. As we know a cold shower is the best way of waking up the body, in the same manner showers can have a relaxing effect on the body.

7. Showers Stimulate Weight Loss

As it is noted most of the truck drivers have problem with the weight, and that is so because they are constantly on the road and they do not have regular meals, and not only that, the meals that truck drivers are having are in general unhealthy and that contributes in a great measure to their weight.

25-reasons-why-truck-stop-showers-should-be-free-5Source: www.truckingtruth.com

 It is true that cold showers do stimulate weight loss. Now you must be wondering how is that even possible that my taking a cold shower you can loose weight? Well that is so because our body consists of white fat and brown fat, that is to say the brown fat is the good one since it generates heat for our body.

So taking cold showers can activate the brown fat, and by that you will start loosing weight. According to several researches that were done it has been seen that someone that has turn taking cold showers into regular practice can loose on a yearly basis around nine pounds.



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