25 Reasons Why Truck Stop Showers Should Be Free

8. Showers Relive Depression

Relieving depression with the aid of showers – cold hydrotherapy has turned out to be one of the best methods. Actually the cold hydrotherapy can cause multiple effects on the body, starting from the anti-depressive effect up to boosting the mood.


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Moreover, it is recommendable that the duration of the cold showers should be two to three minutes maximum in order not to make a big shock to the organism.

All in all the cold receptors that are found in the skin can have an intense effect on the body and it can turn out to be a pick-me-up method.

Having an analgesic effect on the body, the cold hydrotherapy can for sure relieve the depression.

9. Showers Can Give Attractive Hair and Skin

In essence truck drivers don’t have a lot of free time to dedicate on themselves,on their look- their hair as well as their skin.

The only place where they can stop and dedicate some short time about themselves are the truck stops, where they are taking showers and so on.

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 In the meantime while truck drivers are driving their route they can take of themselves with the help of few tips and tricks.

Those tips and tricks include taking cold showers in order to make your hair shine, also cold showers can be considered as a preventative measurement of accumulating dirt in your scalp. In the same manner cold water can tighten the cuticles and pores at once.

10.Steaming Showers Can Ease The Breathing

Having a steam shower can ease the breathing and at the same time it can bring several health benefits. So in order for the truck drivers to have a good health the truck stops should make the truck stop showers for free.

Moreover, having a steam shower you can get:

  • Sinus Relief;
  • Help Chest Cold;
  • Better skin, and so on.

Therefore if you are on the road, driving a long route and at the meanwhile you are having problems with the breathing, I would like to recommend you to find the nearest truck stop and to take a quick steam shower, it will ease the breathing for sure.

11. Showers Can Relieve Stiff Neck And Shoulders

Stiff neck and stiff shoulders are in common for truck drivers. Being on the road, engaged to perform the transportation in a safe and time-efficient manner often causes the syndrome of stiff neck and stiff shoulders to truck drivers.

25-reasons-why-truck-stop-showers-should-be-free-7Source: www.nhscs.org

To be sincere and realistic, the only time when truck drivers have to dedicate to themselves is when they go on truck stops, so it would be of a great meaning for them to have free showers available.

Free truck stop showers that have constantly hot water will bring a better health to truck drivers- therefore if a truck driver has the syndrome of stiff neck and shoulders it is the best for him to find the nearest truck stop and to have a hot shower.

The hot water relaxes the muscles and even after 10 min of hot shower the truck drivers will feel that the pain is relieving.

After having a hot shower it is recommendable for the truck drivers that have stiff neck and stiff shoulders to do some easy exercises.

12. Showers Can Relieve Coughs

In general the best cure for coughs, putting aside the medicines, are the hot or steam showers. The hot showers have turned out to be so effective because the hot water relieves almost all body aches that are being caused from the cold.

Moreover, if you add eucalyptus oil to your skin while taking hot showers it can additionally contribute to the process of relieving the coughs. The eucalyptus oil is very powerful, it can contribute in a great measure. With the help of the eucalyptus and the steam you will be able to breathe more easily and you will fight the cough faster.

In addition this is one more reason why truck stop showers should be free- it can contribute to the truck drivers’ health in a great measure, and not only that truck stop showers can contribute to their health but also they can impact to their increased safety.

13. Showers Can Reduce Headaches

By the process of dilating the blood vessels we get to relax the nervous system, and the easiest way for truck drivers to relax the nervous system and to get rid of the headaches is by taking a cold shower.

25-reasons-why-truck-stop-showers-should-be-free-8Source: www.health.harvard.edu

Therefore the cold water can make such impact on the nervous system because the cold water will contract the surface blood vessels and will send sign to the deeper tissues.

So truck drivers by cooling the surface of their skin can help themselves in the process of reducing their headaches.

14. Showers Increase The Energy And The Well-Being

When truck drivers are driving a lot of miles daily it can happen that they loose energy, therefore the best option for them is to make a short stop at the nearest truck stop and to take a shower.

Although it might sound very simple way, but a single shower can boost your energy really quickly, also it is one of the best ways ways to wake up your body. Simple as that, truck drivers can take a shower which will increase their energy and will make them able to continue with the transportation process.

Truck stop showers should be made free because the safety and the health of the truck drivers is what matters the most, it would be one of the greatest contributions for a better living when on the road as well as for a better health.

15. Improves Lymphatic Movement

If you are having problems with the lymphatic movement, and you are looking for ways how to improve it, than you should have in mind that one of the easiest and most effective ways is through taking regular showers.

25-reasons-why-truck-stop-showers-should-be-free-9Source: www.studyblue.com

 Actually the lymphatic system being responsible for the process of carrying away the waste from our cells into fighting diseases from time to time can get blocked. Therefore in order to improve the lymphatic movement you should take into consideration taking showers.

The people that have blocked lymphatic movement should take showers by switching the water from hot to cold.

As a matter of fact due to the fast and unbalanced life that truck drivers are leading, it is very common for them to have blocked lymphatic movement. In order to help truck drivers to improve their health- the lymphatic movement, the truck stops should be free.



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