10 Best Kenworth Dealers in the USA

10 Best Kenworth Dealers in the USA

6. NorCal Kenworth 

NorCal Kenworth is considered to be one of Northern California’s premier Kenworth dealers.

They can fit all your needs whether you are looking for heavy duty truck or medium duty commercial trucks. They have been in business since 1999 and have a staff of over 200 experts on had to better serve you.


NorCal Truck is proud to be a PacLease affiliate. This allows them to offer a wide array of support options including service lease and rental services.

They also offer full maintenance support geared towards your requirements. So check out any of their four locations and see for yourself what they have to offer.

5. Papé Kenworth 

At Papé Kenworth, they promise satisfactory by all means. Papé promise to keep you moving 24/7!


This place is one of the Kenworth dealers where you don’t go just to buy your Kenworth truck! It is a place, a convenient one-stop shop for all of your trucking needs!

They provide variety of products and services, and have knowledgeable sales and support teams that are always ready to meet your needs.

Furthermore, their service teams are spread throughout the West and they will ensure that you are never far from Papé’s outstanding technicians and parts inventory.


When you go to Papé Kenworth, be sure that you will get the premium equipment and superior service. They will find you the right equipment for your job!

Papé Kenworth has fourteen locations in Washington, California and Oregon, so be sure to visit them if you are in the neighborhood and in search for some of the best Kenworth dealers.

They offer the following sales and services:

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  • Sale and service of new Kenworth inventory;
  • Service all major manufacturers;
  • Sale of used inventory from all major manufacturers.

4. CIT Trucks 

CIT Trucks was founded in 1975, as Central Illinois Kenworth Sales and Service, Inc. Since then till now, CIT Trucks has grown to fifteen locations.


They are in business over 40 years now, and as a full-line, commercial truck dealership group representing Kenworth, Volvo, Mack, and Isuzu, they are ready to serve their clients with the best line of medium and heavy-duty trucks, all the related equipment, and the highest quality of mechanical and body repair services available.

This place provides unparalleled and outstanding customer service thanks to the 650 highly capable and enthusiastic employees that are employed in different locations including: Normal, Peoria, Champaign, Joliet, LaSalle, Plains, Peru, Springfield, Morton, Bensenville, Troy, Grayslake, Rockford, Mokena, Pleasant and Atlanta, Illinois.


CIT Trucks can be found in Illinois, Missouri and Indiana.

With the wide range of services geared to the trucking industry including sales of new and used vehicles, service and body shop operations, and access to the most complete inventory of parts I strongly suggest you to visit them in case you need to find one of the Kenworth dealers that can meet your demands.

The company headquarters are located in Normal, Illinois. To discover more about CIT Trucks call or stop by one of their locations.

3. Inland Group

The origins of Inland date back to the late 40s. The founder Lloyd Parker launched Parker Pacific Equipment and was selling US war surplus vehicles for use in Canada.


One decade later he started Inland Kenworth, and in 1957 he opened his first dealership. Being one of the first Kenworth dealers in Canada brought him a lot of customers but in same time and big responsibility to deliver and fulfill the customers’ expectations for premium quality trucks.

In the 60s, Inland Kenworth had grown to ten dealership locations and in the 1980s the company survived both, economic prosperity and hardship but despite the challenges, the company has expanded and acquired Southern California Kenworth dealerships in Fontana and Los Angeles as well as a dealership in Phoenix, Arizona.


Later on in 2000 Inland acquired Kenworth dealerships in Albuquerque and Farmington, New Mexico and opened a new dealership in Tucson, Arizona.

They moved the Los Angeles dealership to Montebello, just so they can make it more convenient for access and accommodation of more customers. In 2010, they’ve opened locations in Carson and San Diego as well.

With more than 20 Kenworth dealerships in North America, Inland Kenworth is known to be the oldest but in the same time and one of the largest Kenworth dealers in the world.


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2. Murphy-Hoffman Company

Murphy-Hoffman Company exists since 1975. It is a full service dealership network with over 100 locations spread out in 16 states.

Kenworth Dealers in the USA
Source: www.mhc.com

They have 68 dealerships, 35 full-service leasing and rental operations, four full-service transport refrigeration locations and a finance company that offers variety of financial services.

This company is an expansion of the original company known as Ozark Kenworth, Inc., which was established in 1975 in Springfield, Missouri.


With only three employees in a temporary facility and without any parts or service department this company grew and expand to the point of becoming a multi-state network of Kenworth dealers!

Murphy-Hoffman Company (MHC) beliefs that customer loyalty is as strong as the customer service is and that is why they are provide full range of truck related services to more than 50,000 customers.

1. Kenworth Sales Company 

Kenworth Sales Company is a family owned business through four generations. The Treadways founded them in 1945.

They have over 700 employees across 21 different locations, and in 2014 they were awarded with the ATD Dealer of the Year Award.


Whether you’re buying or leasing a custom manufactured class 8 trucks, or buying a small part, Kenworth Sales Company is there to meet your needs and offer you the best line of heavy and medium duty trucks.

Furthermore they offer the most complete inventory of parts, and the highest quality of service available and when it comes to customer service they are always ready to assist you with any of the fallowing services:


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  • Buying;
  • Leasing;
  • Renting;
  • Financing;
  • Servicing;
  • Maintaining;
  • Licensing and many other aspects of operating a truck.

Quality, honesty, friendship and supreme customer service are some of the attributes that this company earned throughout the long years of existence and with hard work and dedication.

They are committing to getting you on the road and keeping you there with the best.



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