Truck Driver Awards And Their Importance In Trucking Industry

With this intention, if you receive this two million mile award, you are receiving the silver level of driving in the trucking industry. Having an award like this with your name on it is a huge achievement because truck driving is one of the most dangerous jobs.

Three Million Mile Award

Each road is hard to drive, you need concentration in order to keep yourself from falling asleep. Furthermore, you need even bigger skills to drive a three million mile as a truck driver. Driving these miles without making a single mistake in law, driving and safety are one of the greatest life accomplishments.


Being a truck driver is hard, therefore they should be honored and after all, driving so many miles remarkably is a skill after all. Additionally, the hard work of every three million mile should be awarded. According to me, the million mile award is greatest attainment in the trucking industry and the biggest of all truck driver awards.

The three million mile award is considered as a gold level in the trucking industry. Furthermore, it may be one of the biggest over the challenges won in a truck driving as a career. As a conclusion, it makes you one of the most successful truck drivers in the world of trucks.

Driver Recognition Program – Diesel Idle Reduction Award

The trucking industry together with the motor carrier has an important and huge impact on the economy, society, and culture. Over the years, the trucking industry is considered as the biggest driving force. It provides us with all of the essentials we need on a daily basis such as water, food products, and other needed resources.

The driver recognition program is one of the biggest truck driver awards. It is created in order to recognize the diesel motor coach and the truck drivers exemplifying the diesel idle reduction behavior. In addition, drivers observing and practicing legal idle reduction behavior are taking their place on the nomination list.


In other words, the remarkable idle reduction behavior includes:

  • Drivers are presented with a government jurisdiction
  • Truckers can win dinner for two
  • They have potential to win a grand prize

Having such a big impact, the idle reduction award is fundamental, just like any other truck driver awards. In particular, has a great role in our economy and moreover and is making the transportation sustainable too.

Years of Service Award

With every mile made, truck drivers are gaining a trucking experience over the years. To put it another way, the experience is what leads to perfection after all. Furthermore, having an experience in something means that you have done that for years.

Correspondingly, doing the same job for years and doing it for the same company creates a great loyalty and service. Therefore, every company in the trucking industry honors those who have devoted years of life in order to serve their company and make it great.


Implementing the years of service truck driver awards in your company as an event will certainly mean the world to your employees. Thus, you are showing huge appreciation as well as showing them that they exist. You are actually thanking them for serving your company for so many years and for trusting you.

In this way, you will not only motivate them to do their job even better but you will keep them many years more at your company. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), safety should be number one priority.

By rewarding your employees with the truck driver awards you are showing them that you are pleased for having them near you for so many years. You are gratifying them for risking their lives when going even through the coldest winter weather to serve your company.

Driver Of the Month Award

This kind of truck driver awards is organized in order to recognize the contribution of men and women that trucking industry is built upon. The program is used to identify and then honor the drivers who displayed a higher degree of excellence during their career.

The nominees for a driver of the month must respect the following rules:

  • Safe and courteous driving
  • Must have at least one year of experience
  • Drivers must have driven at least 12 months’ accident-free
  • If the selected Driver of the Month has been in an accident before the Driver of the Year selection the company must be informed
  • The nominated truck driver must have a full-time employment

The driver of the month award receives only a trucker with professional achievements trucking victory. These nominations are then presented to judges from Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

There are companies holding truck driver award events for a driver of the month and for a driver of the year. The companies are then choosing one of the winners as a driver of the year. This means that you have to be previously chosen monthly in order to qualify for yearly truck driver award.

On the other hand, there are companies that hold these events each month. Furthermore, all of the selected truck drivers need to have a good safety record. Otherwise, they would not be on the list of nominees.

Awards for Spouses of Truck Drivers

Besides the other truck driver awards, there are also awards for spouses. This is actually a good one. Companies that give these awards for spouses of truck drivers, actually show that no only they respect the driver but also their spouse.


This is really important for the drivers. Having a spouse that encourages you to drive safely and contribute to the company, the family and the economy is a blessing. Hitting the road, and not seeing your family for months, half a year takes devotion and management skills. Forthwith, spouses are helping the balance between the highway and home.


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