100 Tips To Fight Truck Drivers Shortage

A dramatic shortage of truck drivers is present in the trucking industry, it is no doubt.

If we see the statistics of the American Trucking Association’s Truck Driver Shortage Analysis we can see clearly that the truck drivers’ shortage has risen up to 50.000 all around the U.S.

Actually this truck driver shortage will increase in the future, since there are more and more trucking companies being incorporated on a daily basis.

Further you will have the chance to read and learn 100 tips to fight truck drivers shortage.

So, let’s take a look!

Prime 50 Tips That You Have To Use When Fighting Drivers Shortage

1. Higher Pay And Driver Appreciation

Every here and then truck drivers quit their truck driving career and leave the trucking industry due to low salaries.

Thereupon, trucking companies are well aware of the current situation that is going on in the trucking industry. Let me be more precise, I refer to truck driver shortage.

Hence, if you are running a trucking company and you are satisfied with the performance that your truckers are showing, do not hesitate- increase their pay and appreciation.



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