100 Tips To Fight Truck Drivers Shortage

A dramatic shortage of truck drivers is present in the trucking industry, it is no doubt.

If we see the statistics of the American Trucking Association’s Truck Driver Shortage Analysis we can see clearly that the truck drivers’ shortage has risen up to 50.000 all around the U.S.

Actually this truck driver shortage will increase in the future, since there are more and more trucking companies being incorporated on a daily basis.

Further you will have the chance to read and learn 100 tips to fight truck drivers shortage.

So, let’s take a look!

Prime 50 Tips That You Have To Use When Fighting Drivers Shortage

1. Higher Pay And Driver Appreciation

Every here and then truck drivers quit their truck driving career and leave the trucking industry due to low salaries.

Thereupon, trucking companies are well aware of the current situation that is going on in the trucking industry. Let me be more precise, I refer to truck driver shortage.

Hence, if you are running a trucking company and you are satisfied with the performance that your truckers are showing, do not hesitate- increase their pay and appreciation.

2. Never Push Your Drivers Beyond The Legal HOS Regulations

Source: www.blog.nationalease.com

3. Improved Safety

Yet, it is no secret that some trucking companies are not offering the ultimate safety to their truckers.

By letting your trucker operate with a broken truck, which is not suitable for load transportation, or by providing him equipment in malfunction, can lead to unwanted situations, such as are truck accidents.

Not only that you will impose your trucker to hurt himself, but this way as well you will decrease the rating of your trucking company.

So, pay attention to improving the safety rating of your trucking company!

4. Don’t Force Drivers To Sit When They Want To Legally Refuse Load

5. Work-Life Balance

Truckers are leading a unique lifestyle. Their lifestyle implies being on the road constantly and being apart from their family.

But, we all know the importance of work-life balance!

That is why you should make changes in regards of that. Try to let your truckers spend more time with their families.

Soon after you will come to notice that truck drivers will become happier and more productive!

6. Stop Pushing Your Drivers For Using Your Unsafe Equipment

Source: www.AllTruckJobs.com

7. The Recruiting Funnel

These days we are facing new technologies that bring big data and access to candidates’ information.

This recruiting funnel is revolutionizing the recruiting world!


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Recruiters in the trucking industry can adapt their wisdom and the tools of the marketing in order to ease and simplify the hiring process.

Recruiting funnel is in fact the framework for the entire recruiting process! Pay attention to this detail!

8. Don’t Overpromise During The Driver Recruitment Process

9. Treat Drivers With Respect And Professionalism

There are numerous reasons why there is truck drivers’ shortage in the past decade.

One of the reasons might be the fact that some trucking companies are not treating their truckers in the way that they should.

Therefore, treating the truck drivers with respect and professionalism is more than welcomed. This will make your trucking company a better place to work in.

10. Realize That The Profit And Loss Of Your Company Is Largely Dependent On Your Drivers

Source: www.cobra.com

11. Legal Number Of Miles

Adding additional number of miles to the driving mileage that your truck drivers have to drive is not a good idea!
Bear in mind that truck drivers know their rights.

Besides that, the trucking companies that are using this “card” most often are not paying to their truckers for the additional miles that they have driven.

12. Decrease Time On The Road

13. Compensate The Driver For All Work And Time

As I mentioned before, truckers should be paid for every mile that they are driving.

When you compensate the driver for all work and time you are in the situation to retain that driver to stay in your company for a longer period of time.

It is one of the steps that can help in this period of truck drivers shortage.

14. Lower Regulated Driving Age

Source: www.thestar.com

15. Honor The Drivers Request For Home Time

This is the same as work-life balance.

Is there a person that doesn’t want to spend time with their loved ones? I don’t believe so.

This part of truck drivers’ lifestyle might be the most difficult for some drivers who are very much attached to their family.

So, if you want to fight truck drivers shortage try to honor the drivers request for home time.

16. If You Advertise $50.000 per year…pay $50.000 per year

People that are engaged in the trucking industry– that is to say the truck drivers are very irritated by some steps that trucking companies are making.

Trucking companies are making a big mistake when they advertise for example $50.000 per year, and they turn out to pay their truckers less.

It is the biggest reason why truckers leave companies.

Try to keep your promises real if you want to fight truck drivers shortage!

17. Target Minorities Such As Women And Veterans

Source: www.gopenske.com

18. Focus More On Retention

Retention is one of the best ways that truck companies can fight truck drivers shortage.

So how can a trucking company focus more on retention?

In fact, it is pretty much simple, all that the trucking company should do is to provide the guaranteed benefits to their truckers, to provide them good fleet of trucks equipped with electronic gadgets, pay them on time, as well as show them unconditional support and respect.

19. Take Into Regards Autonomous Trucking

20. Establish A Certified Driver Trainer Program

Trucking companies as well can fight truck drivers shortage by establishing a certified driver training program.

Believe me when I say that truck drivers would appreciate this move a lot!



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